December 22, 2010

Blog from Digital Screen Media

Blog for December covering marijuana dispensing kiosks, Net Neutrality and quick comments on CET World show in New York last month.

Digital Screenmedia Association - Craig Keefner

Got a call today from prospect and they have that next great idea. This time it is marijuana dispensing kiosks.

At first I quckly dismiss it and start to move on but the biometric angle keeps appearing in my mind, and I think back to the Smell-A-Kiosk back from FirstWave (remember them?).

Maybe there are hundreds of businessmen in Florida dusting off the telesales infrastructure and queuing up for the next big wave of "How to make lots of money by sending me yours..." routine...

You laugh...But don't laugh too quick.

In other news today the I saw the Net Neutrality legislation activity. It's still not clear what exactly was agreed to though I was happy to see Steve Wozniak sound like it wasn't too bad.

Finally, I had a great trip to New York and CET World. Times change and where there used to be a self-service transaction terminal (aka kiosk) in the prime floor location, we found.......

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Posted by staff at December 22, 2010 12:28 PM