April 26, 2011

Contactless News

Contactless news digest. MTA specing new contactless system and China adopting 13.56Mhz

This week's feature

Identity as a service
Outsourcing identity and credentialing matures

by Zack Martin, Editor, AVISIAN Publications

So, you want to deploy a converged smart card system for logical and physical access control for your company?

You start taking inventory, looking at the operating systems in use, applications that would have to be enabled, public key infrastructure technology that would need to be deployed and physical access control infrastructure and try to figure out how to take all this and make it work with one smart card for each employee.

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Latest news

MTA to present outline for contactless fare system
New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has begun the process of seeking a vendor for its new contactless fare payment system, according to Banktech.com.
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INSIDE Secure taps ARM for 32-bit processor technology
INSIDE Secure today announced it will develop 32-bit secure processor solutions based on ARM architecture. Under the terms of a licensing agreement with ARM, INSIDE can now utilize the ARM SecurCore SC300 processor for its next generation of secure payments, digital security and NFC solutions.
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Ingersoll Rand debuts Schlage wireless portable reader
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, owner of Schlage contactless smart credentials and readers, has announced the launch of Schlage's new WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader.
Designed for use in contactless access control systems, the device offers a cache mode option for offline applications ranging from attendance, event admission, checkpoints, signal testing, perimeter expansion and more.
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Oberthur launches first MasterCard M/Chip Advance product
Oberthur Technologies has announced the commercial launch of its Cosmo Fly v4 M/Chip Advance for MasterCard.
Following Oberthur's announcement of the development of MasterCard M/Chip Advance in December 2010, the Cosmo Fly has been fully certified and is now commercially available for MasterCard issuers. The new product is designed to provide MasterCard issuers with a flexible solution for contact and contactless payments.
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Clear2Pay wins Contactless Monkey Award for South Africa transit project
Clear2Pay has won the Contactless Monkey Award in the category of "Trailblazing and Innovation" for its EMV contactless ticketing solution in South Africa's public transport system.
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secunet expanding German ID infrastructure
secunet was commissioned by the German Federal Office for Information Security with the extension of the control infrastructure for electronic identity documents.
Border control applications like the "ePass-Client" or the e-Gate solution "EasyPASS" at Frankfurt airport read and check electronic data from e-passports. In order for border officials to read the data stored on the new ID card, a cryptographic keys infrastructure has to be set up and the applications adapted.
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Glasgow to get smart cards on subway
The Glasgow Underground is set to adopt an Oyster Card-style ticketing system by 2013, according to The Scotsman.
Officials say the new smart cards can be loaded with credit either online or in the subway station. To pay for fares, users simply tap their card against a reader at the turnstile and the cost of the journey is automatically deducted. The card can also be used to purchases small items such as newspapers, magazines and snacks.
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China looks to adopt 13.56 MHz as national contactless payments standard
China will most likely adopt 13.56 MHz as the national payment standard, according to Zhang Qi, director of the China Information Industry Trade Association (CIITA). Alternative standards such as 2.4GHz will likely be excluded from the financial sector, favored instead for closed application environments, such as corporate buildings.
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CPI Card Group taps NXP, KSW for contactless card tech
Contactless card manufacturer CPI Card Group has announced it will broaden its portfolio of contactless offerings with technology from NXP Semiconductors and KSW Microtec.
The partnership will give CPI access to NXP Semiconductors' Fast Pay contactless security chip. Used for contactless payment applications in the U.S. and Canada, Fast Pay features embedded Data Encryption Standard (DES) hardware for boosted security and speedy transaction times.
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OTI delivers 7,000 contactless payments readers to Poland
On Track Innovations has announced the delivery of 7,000 contactless readers to support the growing contactless payments market in Poland.

OTI's wholly-owned Polish subsidiary, ASEC, has been working with several Polish channel partners and customers to deliver contactless payments to coffee shops, pharmacies, department stores and animal supply stores.
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Posted by staff at April 26, 2011 10:00 AM