June 15, 2011

Hardware - Evolis unveils dual encoder

Evolis announced the launch of the Evolis Dual Encoder that supports both smart contact and contactless cards. This dual encoder is compliant with the Evolis range of card personalization systems.

CR80News | Evolis unveils dual encoder

Evolis has worked with technology from SCM Microsystems in collaboration with Elyctis, an expert in advanced card readers, to design the encoder.

This new encoder can be integrated in the Pebble, Dualys, Quantum and Securion printers. It also features fast-reading throughput and foolproof security for data. This add-on supports up to three SAM slots, which makes it a flexible encoder to serve any type of secured applications.

The new Evolis Dual Encoder uses PC/SC printer drivers for Windows XP & 7 and is capable of being used for instant issuance projects or large-scale card production environments.

“We realized that companies, governments and financial institutions were increasingly looking for sophisticated solutions to personalize their payment cards, transport passes or ID cards, to name just a few of the multifarious card-based applications,” said Eric Bouvard, product marketing manager at Evolis.

CR80News | Evolis unveils dual encoder

Posted by staff at June 15, 2011 12:12 PM