June 24, 2011

Company Profile - Innovative Card Scanning

Card scanning solution for medical cards as well as driver licenses. Software comes in twain and OCR. OCR is complete module that does both DLs and cards. Insurance Card Scanning

Company Profile
Mission Statement
ICS designs, develops and markets electronic document imaging and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions for our clients who are in the medical industry; ranging from a single doctor’s office to an entire enterprise-wide hospital system.

We strive to become the leader in image acquisition,
manipulation and OCR of identification forms and
medical related documents in the medical industry.
Based on our image and OCR competency,
we plan to expand our operations into the
pharmaceutical market and beyond.

We set high standards for ourselves
in order to realize our vision. In this respect,
the goals for our solutions are:

To deliver the most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
To produce the best quality
image and minimum file sizes
To minimize scan times for
cost-efficient results
To build customized solutions to meet
the needs of a diverse range of clients
who may be a single doctor’s office to an
entire enterprise-wide hospital system.

Company History
Innovative Card Scanning, Inc was started in January of 2002 by Dr. Daniel Moulton, F.A.A.P., with the idea of delivering a simple, user-friendly imaging and OCR solution for the medical industry. That simple idea has evolved dramatically and today, Innovative Card Scanning has grown from being a provider of imaging and OCR solutions for localized medical offices to partnering with major medical solution vendors to develop integrated solutions. As we develop our relationship with major medical Practice Management Solutions providers, we continue to seek ways to improve the quality and accuracy of our OCR solutions.

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