August 02, 2011

Product Brief - Shadowsense 2D and 3D multi-touch technology

ShadowSense is a revolutionary new 2D and 3D optical tracking technology that is a expected to be a 'game-changer’ for the rapidly growing medium to large size touch industry.

Optical Multi-Touch | Optical 2D and 3D Multi-Touch Technology |

It delivers responsive and highly accurate multi-touch and gesture recognition, at costs typically associated with single-touch solutions, whilst supporting any type of input and being extremely robust.

Features & Benefits

  • True Multi-touch performance with 2 and 4 touch point options available
  • Supports any input type including finger, glove stylus
  • Solid touch activation
  • Senses solid objects 2 millimeters or greater in diameter
  • 6 to 8 millisecond response time
  • Better than 2 millimeter accuracy across the entire touch surface
    No ghosting or dead zones
  • Recognises accidental touches
  • Static object detection and rejection
    Continues to function with debris on the screen
  • 3 mm tempered glass with 91% optical clarity
    93% and 95% transmissivity options available
  • IP65 rated front seal (bezel to glass)
  • USB HID interface to host
  • Windows 7 compliant
  • No drivers or CPU based processing
  • Calibration free
  • Mecanically and thermally stable
  • No ageing effects

Optical Multi-Touch | Optical 2D and 3D Multi-Touch Technology |

Posted by staff at August 2, 2011 07:14 AM