September 07, 2011

Three robotic systems are better than one

Press release talks to redundancy in robotic delivery systems in XONA Media DVD dispensers. Pete Popcke.

Three Kiosks Are Better Than One for Movie Kiosk Operators and Customers

XONA Media addresses key movie kiosk industry challenge of downtime by using three independent but integrated robotics systems, effectively creating a "3-kiosks-in-1" movie kiosk

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The top challenge for the movie kiosk industry is downtime due to robotics malfunctions. While all other DVD Kiosks have only one robotics system, the MK3 Movie Kiosk has three unique systems and dispense doors. Having multiple kiosks to choose from is the surest way to keep working kiosks available.

With today's release of System Tools 2.0, XONA Media LLC now effectively makes multiple working kiosks available within one movie and game kiosk; if one robotics system malfunctions, consumers can still rent from the other available robotics dispense systems in the same kiosk, enabling the kiosk to stay open for business and generate revenue, with customers unaware of anything being awry, even while a Robotic Dispense System may need addressed.

System Tools 2.0 enables independent, remote management of the separate Robotics Systems. The Operator can be automatically notified of issues, and remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and remedy the issue in a specific Robotics System. In contrast, operators of other movie kiosks would be out of business until a technician traveled to the kiosk, which is costly both financially and in terms of customer perception.

"With any machine-based business, there will be occasional maintenance required. It's just part of the business," says company COO, Pete Popcke. He adds, "The trick is in how to minimize disruption, lost revenue and operating expenses. One way to do that would be to install multiple kiosks in case one goes down. We did exactly that, except we engineered multiple kiosks into one single unit. Now, not only have we eliminated problematic disc cases which are the top cause of jams, but we've packed three kiosks into one."

About XONA Media

XONA Media is a media technology and services company providing innovative entertainment kiosk systems and industry firsts, including the only game and movie kiosk capable of dispensing both physical media and digital formats while maximizing uptime using multiple robotics systems and avoiding problematic, jam-prone disc cases. With a team of automated kiosk-based retail and media distribution experts, XONA Media leverages insights and future-forward technology to dramatically reduce the costs of retail operations while creating transformative consumer experiences. Additional information is available at .

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Three Kiosks Are Better Than One for Movie Kiosk Operators and Customers - MarketWatch

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