October 13, 2011

76 Offers DVD Kiosk at Its Convenience Stores

76/Circle K has taken convenience to a whole new level. In addition to offering gas, groceries, gourmet coffee, meals-on-the-go and thirst-quenching drinks in sizes fit for giants, they’ve now added DVD rentals to the list of things you can acquire at their stations.

76 Offers DVD Kiosk at Its Convenience Stores

South Pacific Petroleum Corporation (SPPC) has partnered up with local small business owner Edeliza Malaga, owner of Movie Queen, to bring out “Movie Queen Express,” a kiosk that is self-transacting and self-contained.

“Movie Queen Express is the poster child of convenience. No lines, 24 hours of operation and 250 of the latest movie titles and video games. Use your debit or credit card and a minute later you have your DVD. You can even rent from one kiosk and return at another. And pricing is comparable and oftentimes better than brick and mortar video stores,” explained Malaga.

Mike Hernandez, SPPC Marketing Director said the company is delighted with this partnership. “We’re very happy to be working and partnering with Ms. Edeliza Malaga and other local vendors, especially when it leads us in the direction of providing more and better service to our customers. Ms. Malaga shared the same sentiment.

“We’re very grateful for the opportunity and extremely excited to team up with 76 on this project. ey’ve always been about convenience and our Movie Queen Express kiosk brings videos, blu-ray and games to your favorite gas station. What’s more convenient than that?”

According to Hernandez, the first Movie Queen Express kiosks available in Sinajana and Malojloj are ready to serve customers this week with additional locations to follow. “is is the first of its kind on Guam and we at 76/Circle K are proud to be the innovators who are bringing it to you.”

For more information on the Movie Queen Express kiosk available at 76/Circle K, please contact Mike Hernandez 588-7200 or [email protected]

76 Offers DVD Kiosk at Its Convenience Stores

Posted by staff at October 13, 2011 07:09 AM