November 15, 2011

Genkiosk Launches in the Cloud, Globally

GWD Media, the international supplier of kiosk management software, has launched Genkiosk in the Cloud worldwide. Genkiosk makes self-service kiosks easy to use, and increases reliability and profitability. Moving into the Cloud makes the same benefits available everywhere, extending reach beyond major data hubs to include regions such as the Pacific Islands, Indonesia and the Philippines.

No More Data Smog for Self-Service Kiosks -- Genkiosk Launches in the Cloud, Globally

Sheffield, United Kingdom (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

Genkiosk, the kiosk management software, has now been launched in the Cloud worldwide (available everywhere and not just via regional servers), and self-service is set to boom globally.

Self-service is growing, wherever the business case makes sense for unattended kiosks to help customers:

Pay bills
Print photos
Access the Internet or information
Transfer money
Browse and shop.

The kiosks are simple and fast to use. The availability is high – up to 24 hours a day – and they remove the need for customers to stand in line or wait for human assistance.

Genkiosk is the kiosk management software that:

Helps operators keep kiosks running efficiently, securely and profitably
Ensures end-users get what they want quickly and easily.

James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media, the developers of Genkiosk explains: “Up until now, location made a big difference in self-service. If you were near to major data centres and highways – say in the large population centres of Europe, Asia or the Americas – all well and good. But think about more remote installations. Each interaction – monitoring or managing data – may take just a few fractions of a second longer. But you are looking at many millions of events per hour. It all adds up to commercially significant delays. Not to mention the challenges of load-balancing, security, resilience and backup over long distances. Now everything has changed. Genkiosk is in the Cloud. Globally. The advantages for operators and end-users are massive. Anywhere and everywhere.”

Examples of how this makes a difference in the real world include:

Migrant workers sending money home cheaply and easily via self-service kiosks
Residents in under-banked regions settling their bills, without bank accounts or credit cards
Citizens everywhere shopping or printing photos or accessing the Internet at any time.

Genkiosk – now available anywhere in the Cloud – provides the solutions to these challenges. No matter how remote the location. This is being played out for example in Qatar with the major build up underway preparing for the soccer world cup. Self-service helps the rapidly growing transient workforce.

Not so far away in the UAE, Genkiosk makes it easier for the under banked to pay their bills.
In the Americas, people are benefiting from Genkiosk to send funds home through money transfer kiosks.

Wherever people shop, access the Internet or print photos, Genkiosk is on hand to power the kiosks that are ever more present, everywhere.

Now Genkiosk is in the Cloud, location is no longer a barrier.

The result for end users: they get what they want - fast and simply.

Commercially, self-service improves reach and delivery: operators can maximise their access to customers at whatever time that suits their customers best. Margins also improve, by reducing costs, especially for maintenance.

With Genkiosk it is straightforward to get the most out of an estate of kiosks by managing:


It’s not just a question of keeping on top of things technically – to ensure the kiosks run smoothly while keeping visits and cost to a minimum – that is just the beginning. Genkiosk also underpins effective retail management: checking which locations are performing best, so operators can bring all of the estate up to scratch.

If things do ever go wrong, Genkiosk supports recovery and restoration, including self-healing, no matter where the kiosks are located.

Genkiosk was first developed in Europe, and has now gone global. Location is no longer critical to taking full control of self-service estates, as James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media explains: “Going into the Cloud – where Genkiosk kiosk software services are delivered remotely regardless of global region – has transformed our business. Nowadays, why should it matter which part of the world you are in, as far as software services are concerned? Customers everywhere deserve– and demand – the very best. “

Genkiosk, from GWD Media was first developed to run and manage pay-as-you-go Internet kiosks. It has now grown to cover the full range of self-service applications, including:

Bill payment
Money transfer
Internet access

After launching in Europe, Genkiosk expanded first to the Americas, then the Middle East and beyond, going global via multinational customers and now with direct clients all round the world.
Genkiosk is now delivered via the Cloud, maximising service and availability in every region of the world.

VeoVend, the sister of Genkiosk, provides the same monitoring and management services for more traditional vending (snacks, drinks, beverages, retail.) A hardware plug-in, with a mobile phone SIM, gives online access to even the most basic vending machine.

GWD Media is headquartered in Sheffield, UK, and operates worldwide.

Key markets include Europe and the Americas, with the Middle East, Asia and Australasia rapidly growing.

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No More Data Smog for Self-Service Kiosks -- Genkiosk Launches in the Cloud, Globally

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