July 26, 2011

Wavelink, iPad Enclosures link up for remote management of tablet kiosks

Wavelink Corporation recently announced a partnership with iPad Enclosures, the makers of the secure iPad kiosk and other tablet kiosks, to provide remote management of tablet-based kiosks.

Wavelink, iPad Enclosures link up for remote management of tablet kiosks | kioskmarketplace.com

With iPad Enclosures protecting the devices and kiosks and Wavelink providing remote management of tablets, organizations now have an affordable solution for provisioning, deploying and maintaining multiple tablet computer kiosks, the companies say.

Tablets like iPads and others are becoming increasingly popular for kiosks, particularly in industries such as retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and education, because of the lower cost and portability not available with PC-based kiosks, according to the companies.

"Our customers love the sleek design and cost-effectiveness of our kiosk enclosures, but as they deploy multiple units they have been asking for a way to remotely manage them," said iPad Enclosures President Scott Paul in the announcement. "With Wavelink, we can offer customers a solution that enables them to perform updates, secure the information on the device, track their location and monitor their performance without requiring someone to physically go to each device."

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March 15, 2011

IN Media to Launch Android-Based Interactive HD Kiosks

Announcement of Android-based High Definition kiosks. In store TV channels can be offered and inventory check, Field testing scheduled for late 2011 so don't hold your breath.

IN Media to Launch Android-Based Interactive HD Kiosks

IN Media announced the launch of its new interactive High Definition Kiosk that is based upon IPTV (News - Alert) technology.
The kiosks will be featuring cost effective solutions along with graphics and video support that allows HD display signage. Also, it will offer an interactive touch screen allowing consumers to initiate content searches and make purchases via the cloud.
The displayed content on the HD screen can be updated dynamically with new information. As this eliminates the need for a complete set up with computer CPU and other accessories, it results in reduced costs and space requirements.
In a release, IN Media’s CEO Dr. Nick Karnik said, “We have created an improved marketing and sales tool that will allow consumers and vendors the benefit of instant response and expanded information delivery. People don’t just want to stare at static screens, they want to touch and get responses to information they need to make informed buying decisions.”
Karnik further added that the costs of buying and maintaining a kiosk will be reduced by more than 50 percent compared to present prices. This also enables single retail locations and 1,000 plus retail chains to offer their own in store TV channel. Besides, the kiosks allow consumers to find any product in a store simply by touching a HDTV screen and check on inventory in the store, Karnik noted.
Company sources revealed that these Google Android (News - Alert) 2.2 based kiosks will have bar code and credit card scanners, touch screen interface, browser support, and Android apps and can be installed in hotels, cinema theaters, airports, train stations, hospitals, grocery stores, banks and malls.
The field testing of the Kiosk is scheduled to take place later in 2011, added officials. IN Media Corp is an integrator of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services, products and content for major platform and service providers like cable, satellite and Internet providers.
The company specializes in the provision of a combination of products and services including set-top box hardware and software services besides manufacturing of the set-top boxes. It also offers a library of content and content aggregation for platform providers to implement an all-in-one solution for IPTV services.

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IN Media to Launch Android-Based Interactive HD Kiosks

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