March 26, 2008

Application Brief - Hoteling

hoteling.jpg Interesting self-service application which doesn't get much airplay is "hoteling". Large companies are altering the way employees work at facilities and resource scheduling has a surprising (and significant) ROI for employers. More information follows.

What is Office Hoteling?

Resource Scheduler for Office Hoteling is a powerful tool that allows mobile employees to easily pre-reserve a workspace when traveling between facilities. It helps organizations utilize their shared workspace more efficiently resulting in lower real estate costs while providing the flexibility mobile employees need to stay productive even when they’re in the office. Resource Scheduler can help your organization:

  • Reduce real estate overhead
  • Improve utilization of shared workspace
  • Lessen energy consumption and costs
  • Implement or support your green initiative
  • Promote a telecommuting environment
  • Accommodate a mobile workforce
  • Increase employee satisfaction and improve talent acquisition

Who is Using Hoteling?

Hoteling is gaining momentum in large enterprises within the US and Europe. In fact, according to CoreNet Global's Research Center, 73% of Fortune 500 companies offer “hot desking“ or unassigned workstations. 60% of companies will be introducing “drop in” spaces in the near future, and the popularity is expected to grow at a steady rate, where 10-25% of workstations (in the US and some European countries) are expected to be part of workspace environments by 2010.

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