April 21, 2009

PR: Former First Data and ViVOtech Senior Executive Launches Electronic Payments Industry Consulting Firm

Todd Ablowitz, a leader with deep electronic payments experience, today announced the launch of global payments industry consulting firm, Double Diamond Group with a category-leading client roster including, POS Portal Inc., Apriva and Identigraphix Inc. Independent experts fill critical need for payments companies.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 20, 2009 -- Former First Data and ViVOtech senior executive, Todd Ablowitz today announced the launch of global payments industry consulting firm, Double Diamond Group LLC. A leader with deep electronic payments experience, Ablowitz kicks-off Double Diamond Group with a notable client roster including, POS Portal Inc., Apriva and Identigraphix Inc.

Double Diamond Group not only understands our business as well as we do, Todd and his team have innovative ideas about how we can open new market segments. Ablowitz, a payments industry veteran and Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) board member, has spent his career developing, launching, marketing and selling leading edge payments solutions for the industry's top brands. He now brings his knowledge, expertise and relationships to lead Double Diamond Group.

The new firm offers a range of services including strategic consulting, project execution and business development, targeting companies across the electronic payments spectrum. According to Ablowitz, the new firm will meet a growing need within the thriving electronic payments industry.

"The global payments landscape is rapidly changing, and in today's economic climate, companies are looking for expertise, connections and resources to ensure they stay in front of the trends and technologies that will drive their growth," Ablowitz said. "Now, more than ever, companies are bringing in specialized talent like Double Diamond Group to solve their most critical business challenges and take their companies to the next level. It's gratifying to meet their needs and produce outstanding results."

Double Diamond Group launches today, announcing multiple engagements with premier companies. Among Double Diamond Group's clients is POS Portal, a leading provider of equipment sales, deployment services and innovative software solutions to the acquiring industry.

"We turned to Double Diamond Group to help us launch a new product under an extremely demanding timeframe," said Scott Agatep, vice president, product and marketing for POS Portal. "Todd and his team worked relentlessly to meet our expectations and we're already seeing outstanding results."

Also joining the Double Diamond Group client roster is Apriva, the leading wireless solutions provider.

"I've known Todd for many years and he has an exceptional reputation for grasping the big picture and following through with quality results," said Bill Clark, general manager of Apriva's Secure Payments Division. "Double Diamond Group not only understands our business as well as we do, Todd and his team have innovative ideas about how we can open new market segments."

Specialty printer, Identigraphix has hired Double Diamond Group to represent the company by showcasing custom terminal overlays and other unique printing capabilities that allow ISOs to maximize their brand at the point of sale and beyond.

"We were looking to grow our presence in the payments market and Double Diamond Group had the insight and industry connections to open new doors we never would have accessed without them," said Judi Sofka, vice president of sales and business development for Identigraphix. "Our relationship with Double Diamond Group has paid huge dividends from day one."


Double Diamond Group
Denver-based Double Diamond Group LLC provides expert consulting services to the global electronic payments industry. Founded by industry veteran Todd Ablowitz, a former ViVOtech and First Data senior executive and current ETA Board Member, Double Diamond Group helps payments industry clients solve their most critical business challenges with a unique blend of experience, connections and know-how. From venerable leaders to promising start-ups, Double Diamond Group works with companies of all sizes from around the world, including processors, acquirers, ISOs, agents, vendors, suppliers, service providers and merchants. Visit http://www.doublediamondgroup.net for more information.

POS Portal
POS Portal is a leading provider of just-in-time terminal sales, rental, and leasing solutions coupled with value added deployment services. The company's deployment and installed terminal asset management platform provides real time pin point control of device configuration, fulfillment, returns management, and repair processes. POS Portal provides fulfillment services from its facilities in Sacramento, California and national logistics center in Louisville, Kentucky. POS Portal's product offerings include stand-alone hosted software solutions such as sales automation, application processing, customer relationship management, and risk management. For more information, visit http://www.posportal.com

Founded in 1999, Apriva is the leading wireless solution provider integrating the hardware, software and network infrastructure required to develop and deploy high-performance, high-reliability solutions in the Point of Sale (POS) and Secure Mobile Messaging markets. Apriva offers end-to-end solutions for Point of Sale that make it easy and cost-effective to develop, deploy and maintain highly secure and reliable business critical mobile applications. Visit http://www.apriva.com for more information.


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April 24, 2008

The Customer Experience at Self-Service Kiosk

Nice usability analysis from perspective of customer on various types of real self-service kiosks and their usability factor. Categories include banking kiosks, grocery checkout, deli order and airline kiosks.

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Woman v. Automated Deli Order-Taker
Author: Jeannie Walters
February 25, 2008

White Hen Pantry

I’m not a big fan of “auto-ordering” when it comes to food. After all who wants to spend top dollar and never even see someone. For the sake of time and convenience, though, it can be a great option.

The White Hen Pantry (now owned by 7-11) offers self-service kiosks where customers can place sandwich orders. While a good idea, like most self-service options, the execution leaves a bit to be desired.

As has been my experience with most service machines, the overall environment takes away from the ease of use. The lack of signage and instructions, along with an overall clumsy layout, causes first-time customers to stand awkwardly in front of the screen, looking for help that doesn’t exist.

Two-thirds of the monitor screen is occupied by the advertised “feature” sandwich. It takes a minute to review and realize there’s an actual menu, but it is organized in a way that doesn’t allow customers to review all choices at once. The vertical tabs on the left are not immediately obvious, and they are organized by choices like “breakfast,” “hot and toasted subs,” “cold subs,” etc…

There are better ways to organize options to help customers find what they’re looking for. For example, why not have all the sandwich choices on the “feature” screen so customers are presented with the entire menu right away? Custom orders could be part of the menu. Feature sandwiches and specials could still be promoted in this format, but not by hijacking the entire experience.

The process leads the customer to a point of purchase, but prior to that an offer is made: would you like to add chips and a drink for a combo price? Here’s my issue with this: there is no option to add just a drink or just chips. It’s inflexible and irritating.

Finally, a small receipt pops out of the printer next to the monitor, (the receipt has your order number, but no total and no description). Instructions tell you to take your receipt to the counter. I’ve watched numerous people stand there dumbfounded as they search the deli counter for some sort of “pick up/pay” area, but there is none. It’s up to you to bring the receipt to the store counter, and remember your number when it’s called out.

While the auto-deli works for those of us looking to grab a quick bite at lunchtime, I’ve seen too many people stumble through the process to really call it effective.

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January 27, 2007

Kiosks Resources -- Consulting group

New venture by ex-ProTech founder Pete Kasycki which is consulting firm to aid customers in navigating the selection and implementation process. Link

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