November 21, 2011

DMV Cuts the Line With Self-Service Kiosk

Oakland office becomes first in Bay Area to let customers check out.

DMV Cuts the Line With Self-Service Kiosk | NBC Bay Area

Hate waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles? Well the DMV is finally trying to do something about it.

The DMV is introducing self service kiosks for some transactions, such as picking up vehicle registration cards, that will cut down the wait time when visiting your local office.

"These machines are designed to get vehicle registration cards and tags into a customer’s hands within minutes," DMV Director George Valverde said in a statement. "Customers who cannot access the Internet, need their registration right away or have to use cash are finding the SST to be convenient and there is no waiting in line."

After installing self service stations in 24 Southern California DMV offices, the kiosks are making their way to the Bay Area.

The Oakland/Coliseum office was the first local DMV to get the machine, which features a large touch screen monitor and instructions in both English and Spanish.

No appointments are necessary to use the machine.

DMV Cuts the Line With Self-Service Kiosk | NBC Bay Area

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October 12, 2011

UAE to deploy vehicle-renewal kiosks

DUBAI — Adding more channels to the convenience of motorists, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to set up electronic kiosks in shopping malls for the renewal of vehicle registration from early 2012, a senior official told Khaleej Times.

UAE to deploy vehicle-renewal kiosks |

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the United Arab Emirates is setting up electronic kiosks in popular public places, such as malls, for the renewal of vehicle registration, according to the Khaleej Times.

The touchscreen-enabled kiosks will start popping up in January of 2012 and should help people avoid long queues at customer care centers.

"We are currently running in-house trial runs of the kiosks and the results have been good so far. Hopefully, we will be able to launch the service by January 2012," Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA's Licensing Agency, said in the story.

The kiosks would help motorists renew their licences, pay fines and apply for various certificates, apart from the renewal of vehicle registration. They will accept cash and debit and credit cards

"It will perform all high-demand jobs, which are currently available at the customer care centres, online as well as through call centres. This will be an additional channel for those who don't have access to the Internet; they can just go to the nearest mall and avail the service," he explained.

UAE to deploy vehicle-renewal kiosks |

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July 05, 2011

Michigan license kiosks top 1 million served

Michigan DMV machines pass 1 million served.

Michigan license kiosks top 1 million served |

Every car owner in Michigan – and probably every car owner in most states – has to get their license plates renewed every year – picking up that little sticker or tab to affix to the plate that lets passing police officers know that it's not past due.

And since 2005, more than 1 million Michiganders have used self-service kiosks to more quickly and efficiently take care of what is generally a routine and mundane task.

More than 1 million time-saving license plate tab renewal transactions have been performed on Secretary of State self-service kiosks since the program began just over six years ago, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced earlier this week. (In the state of Michigan, the Secretary of State's office covers the functions of a DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, in most states.)

"We're quite proud of that, because that's 1 million transactions that aren't occurring at the counter," Fred Woodhams, spokesman for Secretary of State Johnson said today. "First of all, and most importantly, that's more convenient for our customers because they don't need to get a number and they don't need to wait in line. Generally at the kiosk there is no line."

Secondly, though, transactions via a self-service station are less expensive on a per-transaction basis than a transaction conducted at the counter with a branch clerk, Woodhams said.

"It's really just more cost effective, and that allows us to devote resources to other things, and certainly it frees up our branch staff to devote more time to customers who have more complicated transactions," he said.

"The self-service stations at the present time to do one thing, and that is the tab renewal, and that's the most common transaction that we do."

On the ATM-style machines, drivers can follow the touchscreen directions and scan the bar code on their license plate renewal notice. Once the information and credit card are verified, the Self-Service Station prints a vehicle tab and receipt for the customer. Single transactions can usually be accomplished in less than two minutes.

"The Self-Service Station program has been very successful in providing convenience to branch office customers who need to renew their license plate registration," Johnson said in the announcement. "This is good-government technology that makes doing business with the state faster and easier, and its popularity continues to increase."

For the second month in a row.....

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March 28, 2011

DMV kiosk returns to Valley

DMV Kiosks return to Nevada. These are self-funded units. Picture included of unit.

DMV kiosk returns to Valley |

The Department of Motor Vehicles will return to Carson Valley on Tuesday in the form of a self-service “dmv in a Box” kiosk at the Gardnerville Scolari's Food and drug store.

A ribbon cutting will be 9:30 a.m. to christen the kiosk. A second kiosk is being set up in Sparks.

The kiosks can be used to renew vehicle registrations, print out driver history records and reinstate registrations suspended because of an insurance lapse.
“Carson Valley and Smith Valley residents have had to travel to Carson City to do business with the department since budget cuts forced the closure of our Minden office in June of 2009,” DMV Director Bruce Breslow said. “The addition of these kiosks not only brings some services back to these communities, it makes those services available beyond business hours.”

Scolari's Chief Executive Officer Joey Scolari said the kiosks will provide a welcome amenity to the stores.

“We are very excited to provide our customers with this time saving convenience,” he said. “Now our customers can do their shopping and take care of DMV business at one location.”

Brelow said making the kiosks self-funding will make them a common sight in Nevada neighborhood stores.

“The Gardnerville and Sparks kiosks are just one more step in our plan to bring the DMV into neighborhoods, employment centers and campuses across Nevada,” Breslow said. “With the Legislature's help in making our kiosk program self-funded, ‘DMV in a Box' could become as commonplace as bank ATM machines. Also, if the Legislature approves self-funding, we will be able to add many other services like driver license renewals.”

DMV kiosk returns to Valley |

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March 09, 2011

DMV Kiosk ready for business at City Hall

FERNLEY--Fernley residents no longer have to stand in long lines at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office in Reno when renewing their vehicle registration or reinstating their car registration.

DMV Kiosk ready for business at City Hall | | The Reno Gazette-Journal

Now it takes only a few simple steps at the DMV Kiosk located in City Hall to get needed paperwork and tags.

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held to officially open the new service last Wednesday, with Fernley Mayor LeRoy Goodman and DMV Director Bruce Breslow using a huge pair of scissors to snip the ribbon.

"It's a very exciting day. A lot of effort went in to this," said Goodman of the steps the city has taken to obtain the kiosk.

Goodman noted David Stix Jr., a former mayor, first initiated efforts with Assemblyman Tom Grady to provide the service in the city, adding, "This is a great day...It's nice to have this service in Fernley."

Breslow told a small crowd of locals and city employees that drivers can use the kiosk to renew vehicle registrations, print out driver records and reinstate registrations that may have been suspended due to an insurance lapse.

The transactions can be made with a major credit card, debit card or an electronic check.

Breslow noted that drivers caught with an insurance lapse can pay the $250 fine, and he added that there is a bill before the State Legislature concerning additional features of a future kiosk indicating it would be self-funded, whereas "now ,the state pays a lump sum out of the Highway fund."

Breslow pointed out that the DMV is the only state agency that has a cap on the highway funds it receives; and if the bill passes, thee could be more kiosks in more locations and those kiosks may have additional features such as driver's license renewals after four years, as well as registering off road vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and the like. Other state agencies, said Breslow, may also be involved, and residents would be able to purchase their hunting and fishing license at a kiosk.

"We need the bill to pass, and this little boy will become a bad boy," said Breslow, referring to the kiosk.

Goodman said in the future ,the kiosk will be available six days a week. He noted the City of Fernley has an agreement with the Lyon County School District to operate a Computer Lab, which will be open to the public six days a week at city hall as well.

"It's very exciting, and I appreciate everyone's efforts," said the mayor.

Residents can still obtain DMV services on-line at the Nevada DMV website and can still drive to Reno, Fallon or Yerington to get those services as well.

DMV Kiosk ready for business at City Hall | | The Reno Gazette-Journal

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February 06, 2011

TN: Self-Service Kiosks Proposed for Quicker DL Renewals

Tennesseans may see an easier way to renew their driver’s licenses, with plans at the Department of Safety to look at self-service kiosks for license renewals.

Self-Service Kiosks Proposed for Quicker DL Renewals | Tennessee Report

Lines to renew driver’s licenses in the state are notoriously bad, and Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons told Gov. Bill Haslam in a budget hearing Wednesday that the waiting periods are “not acceptable.”

Gibbons said the wait is about 45 minutes and can be substantially longer in urban areas.

Gibbons said the driver’s license system is a moneymaker, however, bringing in $39 million per year for the department and $25 million for the state’s general fund. The $174 million base budget Gibbons proposed to Haslam is a zero-growth proposal, he said.

The department is monitoring Mississippi’s experience in providing self-service kiosks for license renewals. Safety officials see a lot of potential in the kiosks and plan to try them on a pilot basis. The kiosks could be used to renew or replace licenses. The process at the kiosk takes about two minutes.

Gibbons said after his presentation the proposed kiosks would be at the normal stations now used for license renewals.

“Not at a Kroger,” he said.

Gibbons said state appropriations cover 68 percent of the revenue in the base budget proposal for Safety, with department revenue and federal grants among other sources.

The department is ready for a new radio system, which will replace one that is more than 30 years old. The General Assembly has appropriated $39.2 million for the first phase of the system, and the department will not move on the second phase at this time, Gibbons said. Federal stimulus funds were also applied to the first phase. The new system is expected to improve communications and will be interoperable with other states — in other words, Tennessee’s system will be able to “talk to” that of other states.

The department is also implementing a new driver’s license system, and the Legislature has appropriated $30 million for it. The department plans $7 million in improvements that include mandatory raises for state troopers, which will cost $801,700.

In meeting requests for 1 percent and 2 percent potential reductions, the department would eliminate 23 positions for the 1 percent reduction and 38 positions for the 2 percent cut.

Gibbons said the department is aggressively promoting use of online services, which has been a frequent line of thinking in presentations of several departments in budget hearings this week. Gibbons said roughly 60 percent of transactions with his department could be done online.

Members of the department told the governor that traffic fatalities have decreased, in part, because of stronger enforcement on more holidays than before, and the strategy includes event days like the Super Bowl.

The Safety Department includes homeland security responsibilities, and staffers told Haslam the department does monitor events like the protests in recent days in Egypt.

The department handles gun permits, which Gibbons said about 300,000 Tennesseans now have.

Self-Service Kiosks Proposed for Quicker DL Renewals | Tennessee Report

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February 03, 2011

Nevada DMV hopes kiosks slash long lines

Nevada DMV kiosks in the news. Officials want to expand and add 80 or so "DMV in a Box".

Nevada DMV hopes kiosks slash long lines - Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011 | 5:11 p.m. - Las Vegas Sun

Nevada DMV hopes kiosks slash long�lines
The Associated Press
Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011 | 5:11 p.m.

Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles says it is "opening a new frontier" and hopes to slash long lines that often have customers in Las Vegas waiting more than an hour.

Agency officials want to expand a self-service kiosk program and add about 80 "DMV offices in a box," where customers can renew a license or complete other basic transactions without going to the counter.

Customers pay a convenience fee based on the type of transaction.

DMV Director Bruce Breslow told a legislative panel Wednesday that the agency is asking for $1.6 million from the highway fund to expand the program and roll out more roll out more kiosks at high volume locations around the state.

Many DMV transactions also can be competed for free through the agency's website.

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