May 16, 2011

Pepsi's 'Social Vending' Machine Features 'Gifting' Function

PURCHASE, NY -- New from PepsiCo is the Social Vending System, a networked vending machine with large "full-touch" screen designed to enable consumers to connect with Pepsi brands (and one another) at the point of purchase. It made its debut in prototype at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's 2011 OneShow in Chicago

Pepsi's 'Social Vending' Machine Features 'Gifting' Function | Articles | Articles | Vending Times Inc.

Novel features of the system include provisions for a patron to "gift" a friend by selecting a beverage, then entering the recipient's name, mobile phone number and a personal text message – and, if desired, a short video recorded at the machine. Standard text message rates apply for the "gifting" function.

The gift is delivered with a system code and instructions for redeeming it at any PepsiCo social vender. The recipient may thank the original sender by dispatching a gift in return, or "pay it forward" by presenting a beverage to someone else.

The machines are equipped for remote monitoring, giving operators the ability to manage inventory levels and schedule deliveries remotely. Digital content also can be updated online, allowing easy changing of messages and media content.

"Our vision is to use innovative technology to empower consumers and create new ways for them to engage with our brands, their social networks and each other at the point of purchase," said Mikel Durham, chief innovation officer at PepsiCo Foodservice. "Social vending extends our consumers' social networks beyond the confines of their own devices and transforms a static, transaction-oriented experience into something fun and exciting they'll want to return to, again and again."

Social vending also makes it possible to perform a "Random Act of Refreshment" by purchasing a drink for a stranger through any other Social Vending System. For example, a consumer could send a message of encouragement to someone in a city smitten by challenging weather, or a congratulatory beverage to a student whose college or university has just won a championship.

The Social Vending System was conceived by PepsiCo's newly formed Equipment Innovation group, whose task is to apply emerging technologies to the delivery of relevant brand experiences for consumers through equipment. The design and user interface were created in collaboration with Milwaukee, WI-based DCI Marketing and Protagonist of Venice, CA.

"Our approach to technology innovation is driven by what we know consumers want," explained PepsiCo vice-president of equipment innovation Christine Sisler. "We're working with some of the best minds in the business to develop equipment that provides customization, personalization and choice."

PepsiCo explained that it sees large, prestigious accounts like colleges, universities and malls as offering a good fit for social vending. Further development of the platform is ongoing; a limited consumer test is underway now, and PepsiCo plans to test the concept with key strategic partners later this year.

The company reports that it respects its customers' privacy: email addresses and phone numbers are not stored unless expressly permitted by a user. PepsiCo does not share contact information with any other partners.

Pepsi's 'Social Vending' Machine Features 'Gifting' Function | Articles | Articles | Vending Times Inc.

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February 08, 2011

JCPenny Expands Findmore Interactive Smart Displays to More Than 120 Additional Stores

PLANO, TX - J. C. Penney Company, Inc. has announced that they are expanding their Findmore Interactive Smart displays to more than 120 additional stores across the United States. Additionally, in conjunction with the launch of JCPenney's Modern Bride concept, the Company will begin rolling out the findmore experience using iPad to 50 fine jewelry departments.

These new initiatives are part of JCPenney's overall findmore strategy which encourages store associates and customers—whether using the fixture, iPad, enabled point-of-sale register or in-store marketing pieces—to "find more" by providing access to the expanded assortments and product information available on Having access to in the store ensures that customers find what they are looking for when they visit a JCPenney store and also serves as an associate selling and education tool, allowing store associates to deliver exceptional customer service.

"We've always seen the value of integrating the online and in-store shopping experience offering customers the opportunity to have access to a greater merchandise selection by offering access to online purchases in the stores," said Tom Nealon, group executive vice president of JCPenney. "Offering an in-store digital experience that drives additional sales is a true differentiator for JCPenney, and continues to build on our leadership in the digital space as we merge our online and in-store shopping experiences.

JCPenny Expands Findmore Interactive Smart Displays to More Than 120 Additional StoresWith the findmore fixture, JCPenney is able to take its digital platform directly into the store. More than just a kiosk linking store users to's 250,000 online products, the 42-inch touchscreen findmore smart fixture provides a unique, interactive digital experience that naturally fits into the store. Serving as an anchor for the merchandise department, the fixture elevates the in-store shopping experience, allowing users to:


• View's vast assortment of merchandise and "find more" sizes, colors, styles and items not available — or out of stock — in the store.

• Experience the power of in-store, with strong, interactive, media-rich editorial content, such as's Little Red Book experience, which highlights key seasonal women's trends.

• Check the availability of merchandise in-store or nearby stores.

• E-mail images and information about an online item to themselves or a friend.

• Use 360 degree views and zoom features to see all details of a product.

• Scan the barcode of an in-store item to learn more about the product's features, additional colors and sizes available, and even washing instructions. The findmore fixture will also provide product recommendations for complementary items (ex. A customer scans a pair of pants and the findmore fixture will suggest tops and accessories to go with it).

• View items and outfits and add them to an online "dressing room." The customer can then print out a page listing the items, locate the items in the store and try them on.

• Purchase online items from the findmore fixture and have them shipped to their home. Items can also be shipped for free to the local JCPenney store. Additionally, customers can also print out a receipt and purchase an online item at an in-store register, with the rest of their in-store purchases.

JCPenny's Findmore Experience Launched On iPad:

JCPenney is also bringing its findmore strategy to the Fine Jewelry department with a smaller, hand held concept using the revolutionary iPad. Fine Jewelry associates will be able to use iPad to showcase JCPenney's full offering of bridal fine jewelry collections for customers — highlighting a variety of styles, cuts, sizes and metal options — all available under the Company's new Modern Bride concept. Incorporating features from the Modern Bride™ experience on, the iPad app will include a notebook feature that allows users to add rings to a virtual notebook, where they can compare ring features side by side.

JCPenney's findmore experiences are part of its overall investment in its digital platform, which also includes, as well as its social and mobile initiatives. The Company's commitment to technology innovation continues to deliver new opportunities to connect with its customers.

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February 06, 2011

Self-Service Kiosk for iPad From Olea

Pictures of new PadLock, a secure display enclosure for the iPad. Freestanding, table, and wallmount.

Self-Service Kiosk for iPad From Olea — The Gadgeteer

Olea Kiosks manufactures self-service kiosks for business uses. Their latest offering is the PadLock, designed for the iPad. The PadLock is made from powder-coated sheet metal and aluminum. Power cables are routed through the PadLock enclosure for tamper-resistance. There’s pinhole access to the home button and proprietary tools for tamper-resistant hardware, making the PadLock the ideal solution for installing an iPad for public use. It’s available as a free-standing column and as table- or wall-mounted versions. There are a variety of colors and finishes available. If you’d like to use a PadLock kiosk for your business, you’ll need to contact Olea for more details and pricing.

Self-Service Kiosk for iPad From Olea — The Gadgeteer

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April 20, 2009

Interactive Signage -- Gas Pump Interactive Signage

Latest iteration of touchscreen on top a gas pump. Customers can watch ad's if they want (and sun doesn't wash out screen) and can also interact with terminal. After all these years it is still amazing to us that someone hasn't figured out a way to sell lottery tickets there at the pump.

Pump Media Debuts Pumptop Touchscreen Kiosk
Offers interactive traffic, news, coupons, more

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- 3M Touch Systems Inc. has teamed up with Pump Media Inc. to provide a touchscreen kiosk located on top of a gasoline dispenser. The kiosk combines the best assets of Digital Signage with the functionality of the Internet, the companies said. Motorists receive television ads while they pump fuel and are invited to interact with the touchscreen to access live directions, traffic, news, lottery winning numbers and special offers and coupons from local businesses.

Motorists will also be available to make nonfuel purchase at the pump. A kiosk has been installed at a station in West Los Angeles, owned by Ryan Friedlinghaus, the owner of West Coast Customs, which was featured in MTV's Pimp My Ride and currently featured in TLC's new show Street Customs.

The kiosk uses the 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX, 3M's next-generation, price-competitive surface capacitive touch solution for vandal-prone, heavy-use environments. Three key product features offer display integrators an economic, user-safe, easy to seal, robust touch solution for unattended public applications such as ATMs, kiosks, and vending machines. Pump Media's selection of the DST touch interface adds to the growing list of global display manufacturers who understand and value this product's unique touch features for digital signage displays," said Chris Tsourides, business unit manager, 3M Touch Systems.

The program includes custom designed pumptoppers each complete with dual-sided 19-inch LED backlit LCD displays. During refueling, motorists view a four-minute television loop which includes ads for the convenience store and a select few marketing partners. Once the screens are engaged, the unit turns into a personal kiosk offering traffic, directions, news, winning lottery numbers, and promotions. Directions, promotions and coupons can be printed inside the convenience store.

Richard Salama, general manager of the West Coast Customs station, said, "customers are engaging the screens which effectively increases the customer traffic into the convenience store. With the addition of Chronic Taco to our store, our customers will soon be able to order food right at the pump."

3M Touch Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M. It operates globally and reports through 3M Electro & Communications Business, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Pump Media, is a provider of outdoor digital signage.

Click here to view a demo.

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