November 16, 2009

Kioware Supports Windows 7 Now

KioWare products have completed testing under Windows 7 and now offer full support for Windows 7.KioWare News: KioWare Support for Windows 7. The KioWare trial version and upgrade are now available for download. You can try the software for free on our download page or, if you are an existing customer, you can sign in to upgrade.

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April 23, 2009

Kiosk Software - An explanation and resources

Kiosk software hit the news wire the other day with the announcement that Meridian was purchasing King. King has (or had) it's own software application platform. Worth noting that King began as a hardware enclosure manufacturer (and was one of the original pioneers). It was later that King felt that offering hardware and software made the most sense. So what about kiosk software?

To get started we'll use the Kiosk Software page off KIOSK Information Systems website. KIOSK employs between 20 and 40 different application partners. Generally the self-service market can be split into hardware and software components just like any other segment. Hardware centrics include KIOSK, Olea, NCR and IBM for example (and used to include Meridian). Software centrics include inTOUCH, Netkey and St. Clair for example.

Some companies used to do both and that list includes Self-Service Networks (formerly Montegonet). SSN has since adopted a pure application focus instead of the mixed model which was also shared by King for example. Livewire is another hw + sw operation and Slabb positioned itself that way (though in reality it did neither).

Here is overview from KIOSK Information Systems website.


Along with hardware for your project you will be using your kiosk software and/or working with an application partner. This can be as simple as running your own application in a "lockdown" mode. Sitekiosk and Kioware are industry examples kiosk browser lockdown programs.

They provide for restricting the url, managing the attractors, managing devices as well as remote monitoring for diagnostics and activity reports.


General Application Partners

That is pretty general list and it barely scratches the surface.

We'll write more on kiosk software and get down to nitty gritty as they say. The full discussion will be hosted on kiosk industry group site.

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