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Original kiosk website sponsor logo in 1998. First Wave was the first sponsor and John Glitsos was our first supporter. For our running up-to-date notes and entries see FlipBoard or visit The Industry Group.

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Kiosk History - having worked in the kiosk industry longer than most, and being an archivist one task we take to heart is in providing an objective chronology of kiosk history. For more history and historical content be sure and check out the Kiosk Archives here on Kiosk Industry. Our first encounter with the internet was IP-based Decnet in 1979 (43 years ago).

Some advice -- as time passes many links to sites expire and err out as old sites are phased out ( for example used to be one of the largest kiosk websites in the world, now they are a blank Windows IIS server page). We update those broken links using versions when available. If you run into a broken link we suggest checking the Wayback Machine.

Archives and History of Kiosk
Is there value in the history of kiosks? Periodically someone gets a patent letter and invariably looks for prior artwork (and usually finds it). The old original visi site [server retired in 2014] started before 1998 and the link above takes you to the first iteration of Back in the days of Big & newsgroups like comp.infosystems.kiosks. Our major assets were the original Los Alamos report and all of the discussion boards from that era. Those become relevant for prior artwork and patent disputes. Not many these days remember Usenet and all of the discussions on kiosks there. Compuserve and 14.4 modems.

The news and press from that era (along with the patents and events) are sometimes forgotten, deleted or erased by media groups less interested in reporting the industry and more interested in sales revenue, but they are never lost thanks to archivists. The old newsbits for example [site retired in 2014] and the kiosk history (now hosted on this site).

Gokis and Gokiosk were both sites that began in 2003 when Craig left Networld (the blood pressure got a bit too high). Moved to Colorado and went to work for Rick Malone. Thanks for the golf membership by the way. In any case one of the

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Looks like picture of Craig from UK while visiting Tim Daw at Netshift Free Pass To KioskCom in SF! You heard right pardner! We have one of those passes and man do we hate to travel! Enter the contest (its free) and we'll see if Vegas/Comdex taught you anything!

Flashback -- Kiosks.Org from 1998 off Wayback Machine -- Link New Sponsors - December & November

Thanks to Gabriella and Sigma Designs. Sigma's Netstream boards give you the power to view streaming live video right on your desktop/kiosk!
Thanks to Jennifer & Cyber Frontiers International. See their SuperVR kiosk just released at CeBit '98.

Special Thanks
Another mystery may bite the dust with help from 2KI and Jeff. Some users (and myself) wondered about keyboards, mice and autologins for NT and Jeff helped. For now for reference we have a new NT and Kiosks FAQ we are beginning. Contribuitions welcome (and credit given).

Press, Papers & Products
Read the latest Success Story provided by Lisa Scibett and Factura. Also profile of Florsheim at KioskCom Europe, new info from Siemens, iCom enters the New York scene and see the New MillenniumWedgetm kiosk

NewMedia Magazine - in the November 98 issue, a very nice article by Paul Williams on Kiosks with a Smile. Atcom, Dennis, Factura, First Wave, Lexitech, MontegoNet, North and Questa are all referenced, as well as a nice reference to Kiosks.Org. Visit their site or you can read the article here.

TouchPad Testing - I'm evaluating Cirque's Kiosk Touch Panel. So far I like it! If anyone has any questions or items for me to look at while I evaluate it, let me know.

Thanks to Scott and Miltech our Featured Developer for November 1998

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DFI USA Coynet - Coin-operated kiosks in over 7 countries Cortex Security - building-directory kiosks/multilingual telweb inc Payphones and more! Cyber Frontiers International - see their SuperVR kiosks Siemens Information & Communication Networks Cyber Systems - Coin Acceptor software VoxApps Worldwide - digital audio NetKiosk Internet Access Coleman Kiosk Solutions KioskCom: See the Calendar and Schedule for more. News and Features from Kiosk Industry



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