February 12, 2004



Retailers to Benefit from Customization Options and Increased Store Traffic

LAS VEGAS (PMA, Booth # M30), Feb. 11, 2004 - Providing enhancements that will offer retailers and consumers new possibilities in digital photo processing, Sony Electronics will now make a new next generation software standard on its PictureStation™ photo-finishing systems, along with new options in kiosk design.

An array of features will translate into a system more customized to a retailer's particular environment, which can afford increased traffic and profits. These include wireless credit card capabilities, more choices in scalable kiosk designs, an interface on which customized promotional packages can be created, additional language options and a photo library feature. In turn, customers will enjoy such user-friendly enhancements as new text and border options, automatic color adjustment, re-touch features and faster printing.

"We have always understood that not all retailers or locations have the same needs, the same type of store layouts or even the same types of customers," said Jay Dellostretto, vice president for digital imaging in Sony Electronics' Business Solutions Division. "These new PictureStation system features and scalable designs are a result of our ongoing communication with retailers."

Combining quality pictures with user-friendliness, the PictureStation utilizes dye sublimation technology to bring out the full, rich depth of digital images. The print quality, along with system features like CD-burning, scanning capabilities and intuitive interface have been appreciated by retailers, beginning with Kinko's, which has installed more than 900 kiosks in its stores over the past year.

"The flexibility if the Sony PictureStation has helped Kinko's deliver a high level of customer service and tailored solutions for our digital photofinishing customers," said Jeff Heyman, vice president of retail at Kinko's. "The new features represent even greater flexibility for the future, which is critical for Kinko's and our network of 1,200 locations."

Instant Wireless Payment

The addition of wireless credit card capabilities co-developed with USA Technologies provides the customer with the instant gratification of being able to obtain and pay for their prints without cash. And because it requires no phone lines or additional personnel, this service requires no extra effort from the retailer.

Flexible, Scalable Designs

With three new kiosk designs, retailers can select a look most desirable for their store environment. If they are facing space constraints, the store owner may select a tabletop version. New options in scalability mean that features like additional printers, scanners and graphics can easily be added or taken away to accommodate customer needs.

Customized Promotional Packages

Retailers will now be able to program their own promotional package offers directly onto the PictureStation system to correspond with seasonal demand changes or location-specific needs. For example, with one touch on the screen, a consumer could obtain a package of 24 4x6 prints, one 8x10 print and a photo CD for a reduced price.

Easy Editing, Faster Printing

The PictureStation system now features automatic color adjustment to instantly correct lightness, brightness and color balance. With the touch on the "portrait button" icon on screen, consumers can also instantly "airbrush" photos to remove things like facial blemishes or wrinkles. Completed prints can now be produced at a rate of one 4x6 approximately every 12 seconds.

New Text and Border Options

Photos can now be personalized and turned into gifts or keepsakes with new text and border options, including holiday borders, birth announcements, calendars and more.

Image Library Capabilities

The new software allows for creating a customized image library. Retailers situated near sports arenas or famous landmarks can store images of locations, historic figures and the like directly on the PictureStation system to be purchased and printed in any size to become a framable keepsake.

Increased Language Options

The Sony PictureStation user interface is now available in 14 language options, which can be added or removed to meet the needs of specific retailer locations.

About Sony PictureStation

PictureStation systems are part of Sony's global "Print by Sony" initiative. A signature logo appears on the product emphasizing Sony's commitment to quality and consistency. The PictureStation system accepts widely used media, including various formats of Memory Stick® media, CompacFlash™ cards, SmartMedia™ cards, recordable CDs, SD/MMC cards and floppy disks.

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