August 17, 2004

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Real slashes music download prices

7/08/2004 by Leigh Phillips

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Online media software firm Real Networks has announced today it has slashed in half the price of songs from its digital music store in an attempt to undercut key rival Apple's iTunes music service.

Real has temporarily cut the price of a single track to 0.40 (49 cents), down from 0.80 (99 cents) - the same as iTunes. Albums will now cost 4.04 ($4.99) as well.

The firm also launched the latest edition of its Real Player media player today, and announced its largest-ever ad campaign for its digital music service, with ads newspapers, magazines, and on radio and the internet.

Real's online music shop has yet to launch in Europe.

Digital Media Europe: News - Real slashes music download prices

Posted by Craig at August 17, 2004 11:58 PM