September 15, 2004

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Spb Software House releases Spb Kiosk 3

By Jack, posted 7 hours ago
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Spb Software House Helps Enterprises to Control Their Pocket PCs with Spb Kiosk 3.0

Spb Software House has announced the release of Spb Kiosk 3, a new version of the famous company-oriented application.

The previous version proved to be a reliable solution that helped more than 100 companies in protecting their enterprise. We have received valuable feedback from our customers, which made it possible to release the new version according to their wishes and requests. Spb Kiosk 3 combines the stability and power of the previous version and the use of new features.

Pocket PCs are more than just simple PDAs - they are richly-featured miniature computers and it's often easy for an employee to get distracted by a game of Solitaire instead of focusing on the enterprise application you designed for them.

Spb Kiosk has the singular goal of locking the target Pocket PC into the mode of being a single-use device. The three different versions of Spb Kiosk address the needs of enterprise deployments in different ways. Spb Kiosk Explorer locks the device into Pocket Internet Explorer, which makes it perfect for Web-based applications, HTML-based demonstrations, and more. Spb Kiosk Explorer also allows you to specify which buttons and menus are shown in the command bar. Spb Kiosk Terminal locks the device into the Terminal Services client, making it an ideal way to access server-based applications over a wireless data network. Spb Kiosk Terminal includes an auto-login feature, making the process seamless for users. Spb Kiosk Engine, the most flexible of the three versions, allows the enterprise to specify custom applications as the focal point for the device.

When Spb Kiosk is deployed, it completely prevents the user from switching away from the target applications. It provides a full screen mode, which can hide the Pocket PC navigation elements, and automatically starts the target application after a soft reset. It can be used with most enterprise applications, and a secret administration mode can be accessed by using a custom-defined hardware key sequence. Once in administration mode, the device can be used as a normal Pocket PC without restrictions - this allows the administrator to configure the application, and then lock it back down into kiosk mode.

"This program has made it very easy to turn our Pocket PCs into instant and reliable demo kiosks. It had no problem working with both the 2002 and 2003 versions of the OS." - Jeremiah Gill, Microsoft.

Spb Kiosk 3 can be downloaded from Spb website:

What's new in Spb Kiosk 3? The following are changes in the program that were made after thorough investigation of customer feedback.

We found that people often needed to provide access to not just one but to several allowed applications. You will find this possibility in Spb Kiosk 3. Yet more customizable options were added in Spb Kiosk Explorer. You can now show or hide the address bar and/or the context menu. All the bugs found by our customers were fixed. Now Spb Kiosk's power is proven by more than a hundred companies on many thousands of Pocket PC devices.

The new version of Spb Kiosk is offered to users of Spb Kiosk 2 for free.

About Spb Software House

Spb Software House is a software development company, specializing mainly in Pocket PC software. Founded in 1999, the company offers advanced software solutions for use in a wide range of applications.

Spb Software House releases Spb Kiosk 3 @ Dave's iPAQ

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