September 29, 2004

Virgin Music Download

Virgin gets in the music download game

29/09/2004 by Leigh Phillips

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Virgin Digital, the digital entertainment platform of the UK-based Virgin Group has launched the Virgin Digital music download service in the US, with a catalogue of 1m tracks and compatible with around fifty portable devices.

The service spans a digital music store, music-club subscription service, streaming radio, digital music and portable device management tools, and music-discovery options.

Tracks are available for 0.80 ($0.99) each, with licences for playing, burning to CDs and downloading to portable devices.

The Music Club offers a subscription-based service for 6.49 ($7.99) per month and enables users to have unlimited access to some 100,000 albums on-demand. Radio Free Virgin is integrated into the Virgin Digital service as well.

The product is compatible with any portable music device running Microsoft's 'Plays for Sure' software.

While plans are currently in place to extend Virgin Digital outside the US, no dates have been announced.

Digital Media Europe: News - Virgin gets in the music download game

Posted by Craig at September 29, 2004 05:36 PM