October 21, 2004

New Report

Growth in Photo Kiosk and Digital Minilab Placements Expected to Expand Availability of Digital Print Services

Growth in Photo Kiosk and Digital Minilab Placements Expected to Expand Availability of Digital Print Services, According to a New Report by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures

(Weymouth, MA) October 26, 2004...According to a new forecast report from InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, 50% of the minilabs installed in the U.S. are expected to be digital by the end of 2004. Meanwhile, photo kiosk sales are expected to demonstrate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% over the forecast period between 2003 and 2008. Kiosks continue to prove that they are a successful solution in the retail environment.

Most importantly, alternative channels for photo kiosks such as hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and consumer electronics stores continue to develop, and still provide significant growth potential. By the end of the year, about 4% of all kiosk placements will be in unconventional locations. Although the success of photo kiosks in many of these new venues remains to be seen, this continues to be an important market for vendors to consider as they work to increase their sales.

"Major retail digital photofinishers such as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Walgreens are now either fully equipped with digital minilabs and photo kiosks or plan to be by the end of 2004," says Kerry Flatley, a Consultant at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. "As advertising generates awareness and knowledge of retail digital print solutions, consumers will look to outsource printing to a retailer because of time, resource, quality, or cost issues, and this is a winning proposition for minilab and kiosk vendors."

Fuji remains the number one player in the digital minilab market, while Kodak is still the leading photo kiosk vendor in terms of market share of the installed base.

InfoTrends/CAP Ventures' new forecast report entitled 2004 Photo Kiosk and Retail Digital Photofinishing Forecast and Analysis is available immediately. It provides vendor market shares and five-year forecasts for the photo kiosk and digital minilab markets by subsegment. The report includes analysis of trends in the industry, a discussion of drivers and barriers, an assessment of the size of this market, news regarding photofinishing vendors and their retail partners, and a look at the installed base of digital minilabs and photo kiosks on a worldwide level. Vendors covered in the forecast include Agfa, Digital Portal, Fujifilm, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Lucidiom, Mitsubishi, Noritsu, Olympus, Pixel Magic, Oblo, Silverwire, and Sony.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
Table of Figures 5
Introduction 6
Forecast Methodology 7
Retail Digital Photofinishing Drivers 8
Barriers to Retail Digital Photofinishing 10
Retail Digital Photofinishing Trends 12
Vendors' Target Markets 14
Traditional Photofinishers 14
Alternative Channels 14
Photo Kiosks 17
Photo Kiosk Segments 17
Photo Kiosk Functions 17
Photo Kiosk Forecast 18
Print Stations Versus Input Terminals 18
Standalone Versus Countertop Kiosks 19
Photo Kiosk Hardware Revenue 20
Photo Kiosk Average Selling Price and Installed Base 20
Installed Base in Traditional and Alternative Segments 21
Photo Kiosk Market Shares 22
Photo Kiosk Vendors' Market Share Based on Annual Shipments 23
Market Share by Installed Base of Photo Kiosks 25
Digital Minilabs 28
Minilab Segments 28
Digital Labs 28
Hybrid Labs 28
Digital Minilab Forecast 29
Penetration of Digital Minilabs 29
Market Share 30
Major Photo Kiosk and Digital Minilab Players 33
Agfa 33
Digital Portal 34
Fujifilm 34
Kodak 35
Konica Minolta 36
Lucidiom 37
Mitsubishi Electric 38
Mitsubishi Imaging 39
Noritsu 39
Oblo 40
Olympus 41
Pixel Magic Imaging 41
Polaroid 43
Silverwire 43
Sony 43
Whitech Software Solutions 44
Other Kiosk Vendors 45
Photo Kiosk Providers 45
Axiom 45
ePoint 45
Touchpoint Solutions 46
Kiosk Information Systems 47
Home-to-Retail Solutions 48
Digibug Express 48
Picture Services Network 48
Pixology 48
PhotoChannel Networks 48
Silverwire 48
Retailer/Vendor Relationships 49
7-Eleven 49
Albertson's 49
Best Buy 49
Carnival Cruise 49
Circuit City 49
Costco 50
CVS 50
Duane Reade 50
Eckerd 50
Kinko's 51
Long's Drug 51
Meijer 51
Moto Photo 51
Rite Aid 51
Ritz Camera 51
Target 51
Walgreens 52
Wal-Mart 52
Worldwide Markets 52
Japan 52
Europe 52
Asia-Pacific 53
Latin America 54
Rest of World 54
Worldwide Markets Installed Base 55
Recommendations 56
Conclusion 58
Digital Photofinishing Market Forecast, 2004 59

Table of Figures

Table 1: Estimated Number of Potential Retail Digital Photofinishing Locations 16
Figure 1: U.S. Photo Kiosk Unit Shipments, 2003-2008 18
Figure 2: U.S. Photo Kiosk Unit Shipments Segmented by Input Terminal and Print Station,2003-2008 19
Figure 3: U.S. Photo Kiosk Unit Shipments Segmented by Standalone and Countertop,2003-2008 20
Figure 4: U.S. Photo Kiosk Hardware Revenue ($M), 2003-2008 20
Figure 5: Average U.S. Selling Price for Photo Kiosks ($K), 2003-2008 21
Figure 6: U.S. Installed Base of Photo Kiosks (K), 2003-2008 21
Figure 7: Percentage of Kiosks in the Installed Base in the Traditional and Alternative Segments, 2003-2008 22
Table 2: Total U.S. Kiosk Market Share and Rank, 2002-2003 Unit Shipments 24
Figure 8: 2003 Photo Kiosk Market Share 25
Figure 9: 2004 Photo Kiosk Market Share 25
Figure 10: U.S. Photo Kiosk Installed Base Market Share, 2003 27
Figure 11: U.S. Photo Kiosk Installed Base Market Share, 2004 27
Figure 12: Digital Minilab Unit Shipment Forecast for United States, 2003-2008 29
Figure 13: Installed Base and Penetration of Digital Minilabs into Total Minilab Market, 2003-2008 30
Figure 14: Digital Minilab Market Share of U.S. Installed Base, 2003 32
Figure 15: Digital Minilab Market Share of U.S. Installed Base, 2004 32

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