June 24, 2005

ViVOtech's Contactless Payment Products Receives American Express Certification

vivotech.jpgViVOtech announced that its ViVOpay products have been certified by American Express(R) for use in its ExpressPay program. The certification guarantees the ViVOpay 3000 and 4000 readers conform to American Express' reliability, security and performance standards.

Source: ContactlessNews

The American Express certification is an industry recognized level of quality and operating performance. Using an independent lab, all certified products are tested and evaluated for software stability, security and interoperability.

ExpressPay, the American Express contactless payment alternative to cash, provides a safe and convenient way to make purchases. ExpressPay is being incorporated into the Blue from American Express(R) credit cards. Users simply hold Blue with ExpressPay next to a special reader like ViVOpay 3000 and 4000 at checkout to make purchases. Payment is authorized in seconds and no signature is required.

"With commercial roll-out of contactless payment technology now ramping up ViVOtech is well positioned to meet the demands of retailers and card issuers alike," said Mick Mullagh, CEO of ViVOtech. "ViVOtech was the first supplier to have multiple contactless reader products certified by American Express. We anticipate significant demand in the marketplace as convenient stores, parking garages, stadiums and shopping centers continue to go contactless in the coming months."

Posted by keefner at June 24, 2005 04:46 PM