November 23, 2006

Photo Kiosks - Fuji intros new self-serve print kiosk

Australia -- FUJIFILM introduces new countertop self-service photo kiosk that can attach to minilab (Frontier) or a standalone dye-sub. Has credit card and pinpad along with receipt printer. Fuiji uses Lucidiom in the U.S. but hard to say who is being used here. Whitech possible as well.

FUJIFILM introduces the new DPC8 kiosk,the latest innovative solution to accommodate digital printing needs for photo retailers.

The DPC9 self-serve print kiosk

The DPC8 kiosk is FUJIFILM’s self-serve print ordering terminal developed to accommodate increasingly diverse digital camera printing needs.
FUJIFILM Divisional Manager – Digital Services & Hardware, Paul Rogers, said the DPC8 comes complete with a range of sophisticated features aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Featuring a 15-inch touch screen panel, FUJIFILM’s new DPC8 offers a choice of tailor-made hardware and software that includes full editing functions such as zoom, crop, black & white or sepia colour adjustments and red-eye reduction,” Mr Rogers said.

“It can also be customised to accommodate such needs as workflow management, selection of output sizes, up-selling prompts and the management of pricing models.

“For a complete digital printing solution, the DPC8 can be connected via cable, internet or remote wireless to a FUJIFILM Frontier Digital Minilab and /or stand-alone Dye-Sublimation printers.

“With the capability to be connected to ADSL, it also facilitates remote monitoring and diagnostics resulting in less down time and real time servicing and updates.

“The modular design of the DPC8 also enables upgrades or replacement easily and affordably.

“With the popularity of do-it-yourself in-store printing, FUJIFILM’s new DPC8 provides all the features and options required to ensure a complete digital printing solution,” Mr Rogers said.

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