August 01, 2007

KIOSK Case Study - Loyalty Cards for Dave and Busters

New case study released on Dave and Buster deployment. In 2006, the company began evaluating self-service automation of gaming card sales within their 48 stores.

Link to casestudy & pdf

In order to realize an attractive ROI, the kiosk initiative would have to eliminate the personal attendants required for the function and replace the dated Micros workstation terminals they operated. Equally important, Dave and Busters sought the line-busting benefit and self-service control options to improve the customer’s experience in their locations.

With custom hardware requirements, they turned to KIOSK Information systems for solution design, integration, and volume manufacturing. With 200 kiosks successfully deployed, Dave and Busters has automated 98% of their 48 stores, putting them solidly on track to their deployment goal of $1M in annual labor savings.

Unique hardware elements included:

# Power Card dispenser
# Credit card reader
# Bill acceptor / dispenser
# Touch screen
# Receipt Printer

Posted by staff at August 1, 2007 12:21 PM