August 31, 2009

Industry Titans Choose PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler To Manage Alternative Workspace and Corporate Resources

Hoteling and people scheduling press release from Peoplecube which has complete suite for managing people and facilities, and via self-service terminals.

Five Fortune 500 Companies from Various Industry Segments Recognize PeopleCube’s
Innovative Products and Acknowledge Company’s Capacity To Support Large Enterprises

FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts—August 31, 2009—PeopleCube, provider of intelligent workplace, resource, and energy management technology, today announced that five global Fortune 500 corporations have recently chosen PeopleCube as their workplace management software vendor of choice. These leaders of their respective industry segments are leveraging PeopleCube’s technology to manage alternative workspace, gain a greater understanding of their operations through workplace business intelligence, and facilitate their employees’ efficient and cost-effective use of shared workspace.

“Savvy enterprises know they can reduce real-estate and energy costs with PeopleCube’s on-demand alternative workspace, resource, and facility management software solutions,” said John T. Anderson, CEO of PeopleCube. “Recently five major corporations independently evaluated PeopleCube’s technology and selected our products because of their ground-breaking capabilities in workspace management and workplace business intelligence. It’s an honor to have our innovative, cost-saving solutions validated by these stellar organizations.”

Great Minds Think Alike

Following are descriptions of the Fortune 500 companies, their considerations when evaluating workspace management solutions and their plans for leveraging the PeopleCube technology selected:

· An electronics giant that is a market leader in professional and home healthcare applications, energy-efficient lighting solutions, and lifestyle products for personal well-being and entertainment sought a resource-management system to support its employee-friendly, cost-effective alternative workspace environment. Alternative workspace, also known as office hoteling, is the practice of enabling employees to book shared workspace as needed, rather than having permanent, assigned spaces. The corporation recognized that PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler, which was designed to support alternative workspace programs, was a natural fit in facilitating their alternative workspace needs.

§ A Fortune 100 international developer, manufacturer, and distributor of pharmaceuticals chose Resource Scheduler because of PeopleCube’s experience implementing alternative workspace programs across entire enterprises and integrating the software with existing workplace management systems. Further, the corporation was intrigued by PeopleCube’s Workplace Business Intelligence offering, which helps organizations gain an accurate view of current and future real-estate needs based on utilization trending data and analysis, potentially saving corporate customers millions of dollars in direct operating costs by helping them to reduce their real-estate portfolio.

§ A Fortune 500 financial data and business news corporation that serves the legal, financial-services, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare, and media markets was looking for a global solution to solve its conference-room booking issues. With up to 40,000 employees worldwide potentially relying on the system, the solution had to be intuitive to use, accessible via Microsoft Outlook, and flexible enough to work with the various security systems in place at different company locations. The customer selected PeopleCube after running two successful “try before you buy” pilots, which demonstrated that Resource Scheduler fully met the corporation’s scheduling needs.

§ A major consumer goods company, which ranks in the top 10 of the global Fortune 500, chose the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler to manage its conference rooms. The corporation needed to roll out the project very quickly because it was merging staff into a new building. Ease of use and comprehensive reporting were critical criteria in the selection process.

§ A financial-services firm that provides a range of banking and financial products and services to six million retail, small-business, corporate, and institutional customers worldwide chose Resource Scheduler for its ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of users and its seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, which enables users to schedule resources from within Outlook. The financial institution, which will use Resource Scheduler to manage the use of conference rooms and other shared assets, also placed great importance on PeopleCube’s expansive worldwide support hours and its ability to remotely—and therefore cost-effectively—provide professional services.

Five major corporations in five very different industry segments all recognized that they could benefit from PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler and associated solutions and services. To see how your company might take advantage of PeopleCube’s solutions for managing alternative workspace, real-estate utilization, energy, and other resources, go to

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