June 10, 2010

Mobile - Cloud printing solutions for Androids

Cloud printing is now available on Android-based smart phones with an application provided by GlobalPrint Systems Inc.

GlobalPrint Systems, a 5-year old venture founded to enable cloud printing in public spaces, has released an Android application which enables true cloud printing uploads to its PrintPOD network. GlobalPrint has units installed in such public space locations as convention centers, hotels, resorts and airport lounges. The company’s install base of enabled printers, nodes and kiosks can be used by consumers to walk up, login, print and go.

According to a release, users can "print to the cloud" using a number of methods, including the Android SmartPhone.

A consumer can download the free uploader from the company’s website, then use it from within any Windows based application by simply choosing File… Print… and choosing the PrintPOD. Consumers can also print from thumb drives or by sending an email to the user’s unique email address. Now, users can also use their Android smart phone to select any document on the phone’s storage, email folders, SMS text messages or photo gallery. The application is available now on the Android Market by searching for "PrintPOD."

"What is truly different about our patent-pending offering is that it is non-destination specific," Mislinski said. "Users print to the cloud, not to a specific print device. Users can find enabled locations using Google Maps (either on a web browser or with the Android application), approach a device, login, and choose their document, print and go." Unlike other products which require the advance selection of a specific printer, entering "release codes" or finding an open Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer, the PrintPOD approach is the ultimate in ease of use.

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Posted by staff at June 10, 2010 10:09 AM