July 01, 2005

Self-Service Touchscreen Directory Kiosk Turnkey Product Launch

Kiosk Information Systems announced a new turnkey self-service building directory kiosk offering today.

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Louisville, CO -- Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. announces a new Directory Kiosk turnkey offering. The new complete package directory kiosks are produced in partnership with Touchsource of Lafayette, CO.

The new off-the-shelf turnkey offering is designed specifically for Building Directory and Wayfinding applications. These include office buildings, universities, hospitals, government and hotels. The solution is available in three different package models; the Stealth standalone kiosk, the ST Counter top Series, and the Pantella wall-mount. The wall-mount Pantella comes in painted powder coat or stainless steel and with either a 17 inch touchscreen or a 19 inch touchscreen. The application comes installed with initial screens, company database and maps/.

All of the packages can be modified and tailored to fit particular requirements but the solutions do provide a proven framework for best of breed solution in this application.

VP of Sales and Marketing Tom Weaver said, "This sort of product fulfillment is mirroring our ongoing product delivery in other sectors already such as photo kiosks and music download kiosks. We are fortunate to have a partner such as TouchSource to help us address this market."

Dave Robinson, VP of Sales of TouchSource adds, "Best of breed solutions in this space are our core business. We've worked with Kiosk Information Systems for many years and believe this solution will apply to 80 percent of our customers."

About Kiosk Information Systems
Founded in 1993, Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is the largest provider of self-service kiosk solutions in the world. In 2004 Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. received the Frost and Sullivan award for Vertical Market Leader. KIS clients include: FedEx, Sony, McDonalds, Citibank, PepsiCo, Borders, US Postal Service, Mercedes Benz and Conoco, as well as numerous government agencies and universities. Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. has the most in-depth experience and expertise of any company in the self-service kiosk industry. Our website is located at http://www.kis-kiosk.com.

About TouchSource
TouchSource, by Directory Solutions, Inc., is the industry's leading touchscreen building directory and information system. With over 18 years of experience developing touchscreen directory systems and a high commitment to quality, it's easy to see why Directory Solutions is the fastest growing company in the industry. Our website is located at http://www.touchsource.com

December 01, 2003

Components Brochures

A list of components and documentation for those components.

see http://www.gokis.net/public/archives/000351.html#more

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October 28, 2003

Retail News -- Borders

Borders Books & Music to Open Two New Stores in Chicago (Title Sleuth)

Borders Books & Music to Open Two New Stores in Chicago; Borders Coming to Lincoln Park and Uptown in Early 2004

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct 27, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Borders Books & Music(R) will open two new stores in the Chicago market in early 2004. A store in Lincoln Park on the southeast corner of North Avenue and Halsted Street is scheduled to open in February, and a store in Uptown at the intersection of Broadway Street and Lawrence Avenue is scheduled to open in April. Each store will be approximately 25,000 square feet and occupy two stories of their respective buildings. Borders currently operates 29 stores in the greater Chicago area; the Lincoln Park and Uptown stores will bring the total to 31.

The new Borders stores will provide area residents and tourists a comfortable place to explore a vast selection of book, music, DVD and periodical titles. Each store will also include a Cafe Borders, offering customers a variety of gourmet coffees, teas, beverages, desserts and light food items.

The Lincoln Park Borders store will be located in the heart of the Clybourn Corridor retail and residential area, on the site of the former YMCA building. The store will have its own parking deck. Other retailers in the area include Whole Foods, Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters.

"Clybourn Corridor is an important destination shopping district that caters primarily to Chicago residents," said Randy Rohde, regional director for the Lincoln Park and Uptown stores. "The famed Steppenwolf Theatre is one block away, and there are several upscale restaurants and shops surrounding the new site. We're very excited to be a part of this neighborhood."

The Borders in Uptown will be located in the Goldblatt's building, near the historic Riviera and Aragon Theatres. Uptown is home to the Green Mill Jazz Club and is also a thriving theater district that attracts both residents and tourists. The location was selected based on a variety of factors including demographics, traffic patterns, the availability of parking and the attractiveness of the site.

"The Goldblatt's building is gorgeous and we've taken great care to preserve this historical landmark," said Rohde. "In the last few years, Uptown has been redeveloped into a first-rate residential and entertainment quarter."

The Lincoln Park and Uptown stores will each offer corporate discounts to schools, libraries and businesses in the area. Free events like lectures, author signings, musical performances, children's activities and 'Benefit Days' that support local charities will be held throughout the year.

Borders is an industry leader in selection, customer service and convenience. Borders stores offer up to 200,000 book, music, DVD and periodical titles, as well as cutting-edge service technology through Title Sleuth(TM) self-service computer stations located throughout the store. Title Sleuth allows Borders customers to easily determine if a particular book, CD or movie is in stock at the store they are visiting or at a nearby Borders location and offers access to more than 15 million used, out-of-print and hard-to-find titles worldwide. For Borders.com and Amazon.com shoppers, "In-Store Express Pick Up" service combines the ease of ordering online with the convenience of paying for their purchase and picking it up the same day.

Exploring contemporary books and CDs by innovative authors and artists is easy with Borders' "Original Voices" program - featuring the works of more than 200 contemporary authors and illustrators from around the world in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, young adult and children's picture books throughout the year. For those unsure of what they're looking for, Borders' "We Recommend" titles and reviews are displayed throughout the store and knowledgeable booksellers are happy to suggest titles well suited to each customer. In the multimedia section, Borders B-Listening(TM) lets customers preview nearly every CD in store and view trailers of DVDs. In addition, Borders' experienced buying staff recommends music and movie titles everyone should have in their personal libraries through in-store "Borders Essentials" lists.

About Borders Group

Borders Group (NYSE:BGP) is a leading global retailer of books, music and movies. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., the company employs 32,000 people worldwide and operates over 425 Borders domestic superstores; 36 international Borders stores located primarily in the U.K. and the Pacific Rim; 36 Books etc. stores throughout Great Britain; and approximately 755 Waldenbooks stores in malls across America. Teamed with Amazon.com, the company also offers online shopping through Borders.com (www.borders.com) and Waldenbooks.com (www.waldenbooks.com). More detailed information on the company is available at www.bordersgroupinc.com. Information on Borders stores title selection, events and locations is available through www.bordersstores.com.

SOURCE: Borders Group, Inc.

Note: KIS has delivered solutions for Borders. Visit the Title Sleuth next time you are in Border.

If you are interested please contact
info at gokis.net

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October 14, 2003

The Internet Kiosk

KIS has added new pages to corporate website. The Internet Kiosk and also Interactive Kiosks.

The internet kiosk has been around for probably longer most applications. Interactive kiosks and internet terminals have gone hand in hand for over 10 years. Kiosk Information Systems is one of the most experienced providers in this self-service application with dozens of projects and products serving this market.

The Interactive Kiosks pages also includes resources and even some Interactive Kiosk trivia.

Internet Kiosk page
Interactive Kiosks

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September 10, 2003

Outdoor Kiosk Example Configuation

KIS can provide you with our recommended configuration for outdoor kiosks and here is the data. For related information see the "Outdoor Kiosk Considerations" and why they cost more in the online resources and help section here.

Link to FAQ

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September 02, 2003

KI-440 Industrial Kiosk

KI-440 Industrial kiosk enclosures with touchscreens

The KI-440 features a small footprint, rugged construction making it appropriate for factory floors and the like.

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KM-800 standalone

Wedge KM-800 kiosk enclosures with touchscreens

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KT-110 Stealth

Stealth kiosk KT-110 enclosures for employee benefits,vending machines with touchscreens

The Stealth is sleek, elegant.

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Standard products

Enclosures for employee benefits,vending machines with touchscreens

Includes KT-110, WebStop, Wedge and More...

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