September 17, 2003

Human Resource Case Study - Citigroup

Citigroup decided in 2003 to enhance their employee human resources services and turned to KIS to provide the complete solution.

Background Information

  • Product Delivered

    • KT-125 with Laser Printer
    • Quantity: over 200 units

  • Application Function

    • Human Resources
    • Employees in their card centers can access their 401k, vacation and etc.
    • Primary focus was being able to reprint pay stubs from the kiosk.

  • Needs Addressed by Solution

    • Human Resources
    • It gave their employees without access to their benefit information a way to do so.
    • Increase employee communication while allowing HR to focus on other tasks and reduces their cost of sending out statements as they are required to do every quarter.

  • Customer Feedback and Comments

    • Citigroup said that all is working great and they thanked us for our patience, guidance and support during the project.
    • Cost/Benefits/ROI: Still early in deployment stage. Within 6 months Citigroup will do formal calculation of cost savings and benefits. Estimates at this stage are that benefits are significant

    Posted at September 17, 2003 04:04 PM