March 24, 2004

Partner Reference Document

A list of software partners and client references for Kiosks.

  • Banking Kiosks

    • Info Touch

    • St. Clair Interactive

      St. Clair has designed and delivered applications for banks, credit unions, insurance and mortgage companies.

      They range from information:
      * what type of account is best
      * interest rates and loan calculators
      * making appointments, etc

      to fully transactional:
      * prequalify and then take out a loan
      * 401K options and choices
      * mutual fund options and selections
      * account balance / transfers, etc.

      The applications are generally based on our template application software:
      * CUSTOMER SERVICE for information
      * BUSINESS OFFICE for transactions
      * LOAN & MORTGAGE templates are specific.

    • NetStop

      • For Internet Banking terminals
      • Contact: Michael Williams
      • Image 1
      • References: Bank United, largest independent bank in Florida.

    • Netkey

      • Enables local transactions and interfaces to backend
      • Contact: Bob Ventresca
      • References: Bank of America, E*TRADE, Fleet, Fidelity Investments, Wells Fargo, dozens of credit unions and community banks.

    • Sitekiosk

      • For Internet Banking terminals
      • Contact: Heinz Horstmannin Miami
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Website:
      • References: National Bank of Austria, National Bank of Germany, National Bank of Denmark, United States Bankruptcy Court, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Southwest Bank of Texas, Bank of Oklahoma, Norris Bank, Deutsche Bank AG, Citizens National Bank, First American Bank, Provident Bank, Los Angeles Federal Credit Union, Federal Credit Union, Arizona Federal Credit Union, various other institutes

    • Wirespring and FireCast

      • For Internet Banking terminals
      • Contact: Michael Smith
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Website:
      • References: Wirespring has passed rigid security screen for several financial companies, including TD Waterhouse. FireCast provides an excellent, secure base for financial companies who want to provide services to their customers via interactive kiosks.

    • MontegoNet

      • For Internet Banking terminals: In the past 8 years, MontegoNet has designed & deployed a number of successful financial kiosk applications for our clients: financial product & service information (loan/mortgage rates, insurance, investment options, etc.), electronic banking, bill payment and more. Our transactional applications typically include privacy/security features that protect a user's personal information (often through interfacing with proximity sensors & security mats, along with card readers).
      • Contact: Tim Kerns
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Website:
      • References: Fidelity Investments, Federal Reserve Bank, Bank Rhode Island, Cape Cod Bank & Trust, Pawtucket Credit Union, Taunton Federal Credit Union, Mid South Bank, Rockland Federal Credit Union, Whatcom Educational Credit Union, Diversified Investment Advisors, Jefferson Parish School Board Educational Credit Union, Coventry Credit Union
      • If you'd like to see some examples of work we've done for banking clients, some screen shots & attract loops are available for viewing here:
      • Link
      • Link
      • Attract loops:
      • Link
      • Link

  • Medical Kiosks

    • St. Clair Interactive

      • Contact: Doug Peter ([email protected])
      • Cancer Loop
      • Cancer Main
      • Glaxo Loop
      • Glaxo Main
      • References: Many, many
      • We've done projects ranging from fairly straightforward:
        * Cancer education for consumers
        * Drug addiction information for young people

      • To very technical
        - Gastroenterology
        - Central Nervous System for family doctor
        - Sexually Transmitted Diseases for patients

      • The base software for:
        * operating the kiosks
        * securing web site called to "friendly" ones
        * adding Attract Loop / main menu
        would be about $xxxx for the first kiosk. $xxx for each additional. (Excludes content)

        2. Remote Management Requirement?
        It can probably be tied into an existing COMMAND & CONTROL ($xxxx base) rather than a whole new server / Sequel Server.

        3. Content is the big question mark.
        If they want medical writers, etc, this has to include consultants and is very expensive.
        If they just want to import existing web services, it's the costs in #1 above plus subscriptions.

    • NetStop

      • Contact: Michael Williams
      • Image 1
      • References:

    • Apunix

      • Contact: Sylvia
      • References: Our kiosks have the ability to bring in content from a variety
        of sources; video, audio, databases, image files.
        When you ask about the content creation I am assuming
        they have the videos, etc. we would create the look and feel.

    • MontegoNet

      • Contact: Tim Kearns
      • Email: [email protected]
        Example 1
        Example 2
        Example 3
      • References: Brigham & Woman's Hospital, Danbury Hospital, Baptist Health Systems, St. Joseph's Hospital, Pomerado Hospital, Partners Healthcare, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Madison Center and Hospital, Baxter Regional Medical Center, Forum Health

  • Gift Registry

  • Directory Solutions

    • Touchscreen Directory Solutions

      • Contact: Dave Robinson or Mike Franklin
      • Telephone: 303-828-4007
      • Email: mikef or daver at
      • Website:
      • Base Software: $2700?
      • References: St. Judes Hospital

Posted at March 24, 2004 09:43 PM