November 10, 2003

Triple DES and Refurbished

ATM Refurbisher Includes Triple DES Upgrades When Refurbishing Equipment

November 10, 2003 08:32

ACG Delivers Triple DES Compliant ATMs; ATM Refurbisher Includes Triple DES Upgrades When Refurbishing Equipment

ATLANTA, Nov 10, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ACG ATM-Remarketers now offers construction and delivery of refurbished-to-order ATM units that feature the latest Triple DES upgrades. ACG provides refurbished ATMs, kiosks and parts to community financial institutions and independent store operators.

Triple DES encryption, a higher standard of data encryption, is the newest communications security upgrade for ATMs required by VISA(R) and MasterCard(R) and is designed to better protect electronically transmitted data. The essential upgrades are a new encryption PIN pad (EPP) and updated software. To be compliant with VISA and MasterCard, ATMs tied to their networks must have the EPP and software installed and running before April 1, 2005.

"As computer processing speeds have multiplied, encryption code breaking is a potential problem," said Woody Alderman, president of ACG. "Installing Triple DES upgrades into our machines before they are sold allows our customers to be completely compliant with the latest requirements without the expense that new ATMs bring to the company."

Working through the ATM manufacturer's channels and solutions, ACG installs Triple DES compliant hardware and software as the ATM is being rebuilt. Because ACG upgrades its machines while they are refurbished, financial institutions can purchase ATMs that are completely compliant at a reasonable price.

"We were in need of a new ATM and knew that Triple DES would be an issue to consider when making the purchase," said Leo Schiltz, executive vice president of Caldwell State Bank in Caldwell, Kan. "By purchasing a refurbished ATM from ACG, we were able to save more than 30 percent compared to what we would have spent on a new one. Additionally, our machine came with Triple DES compliance, leaving us with no worries about upgrading our new system."

After ACG obtains used ATMs from banks and credit unions, the machines are completely disassembled and each part is analyzed separately. The parts are extensively tested individually and repaired where needed.

Non-repairable parts are replaced. Screen burned CRTs are replaced with new ones. Belts, rollers, vacuum tubes and other wear items are replaced. The EPP is installed, upgraded licensed software is loaded, and the entire ATM is tested thoroughly. After passing all quality control tests, the ATM is shipped to its final destination where it is connected to the corresponding network.

About ACG ATM-Remarketers

Atlanta-based ACG ATM-Remarketers is a provider of custom refurbished ATMs and kiosks, parts, maintenance and training at a cost 30 to 60 percent lower than that of comparable new equipment for community financial institutions and independent store operators. Since its founding in 1986, ACG has served more than 500 financial institutions in the continental United States, mainly credit unions and independent community banks.

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