June 14, 2004

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Neptune Turns On Savings with Dataprobe's iBoot;

June 14, 2004]

Neptune Turns On Savings with Dataprobe's iBoot; iBoot Remote Power Solution to Increase Remote Workstations' Uptime and Minimize Overhead Costs

PARAMUS, NJ --(Business Wire)-- June 14, 2004 -- Neptune Networks, Inc., operator of Internet communications kiosks within leading U.S. airports such as Los Angeles and Dallas Forth-Worth, has deployed the iBoot remote power solution from Dataprobe in all of their Internet kiosks throughout the country's major airports. The iBoot enables Neptune Networks to remotely reboot their computer-based kiosks, cutting operational costs by minimizing the need for on-site technicians and increasing system availability for these revenue-generating kiosks.


Neptune Networks provides high-speed broadband Internet access to travelers within airport departure gates through their 200 plus Internet access kiosks at some of the nation's busiest airports. Commuters can check email and get up-to-the-minute news from Neptune's patented private communications stations using their own laptops and handheld computers or Neptune's state-of-the-art workstations.

Like any computerized workstation, Neptune's kiosks occasionally experience system lock ups where a simple reboot is the simplest and most effective solution to this failure. Instead of dispatching technicians where expensive service calls can eat away at profits for a simple reboot, Neptune has deployed an iBoot at each location. Not only does iBoot save Neptune money associated with outsourcing maintenance, but the device also provides a convenient and quick solution to these system lock ups. A single outlet switch, iBoot allows Neptune's IT staff to reboot any or all of their remote Internet kiosks from any computer connected to an Internet browser. The iBoot can also automatically detect a system malfunction with the computer system and be set to automatically reboot the system when it has become unresponsive.

According to Todd White, founder and Chief Operating Officer at Neptune Networks, iBoot goes a long way towards controlling company costs. "While we typically only have to reboot a handful of terminals across the country on any given day, the costs of dispatching technicians just to re-power our systems by the on/off switch can mount quickly," White says. "With iBoot, our Operations team can access the network from their offices and cycle power to any of our kiosks, managing the problem within minutes. It's a great little insurance policy."

Industry veteran with nearly twenty years experience in remote site management and President of Dataprobe, David Weiss, says the company stands to enjoy more rapid growth in the near future as the kiosk and wireless hot spot markets continue to increase. "Visionary companies like Neptune Networks are capitalizing on consumer expectations for 'anytime, anywhere' communications," Weiss explains. "As these companies expand their geographic footprints, cost-effective remote operation becomes increasingly vital to profitability. Something as seemingly simple as controlling power switches remotely can free businesses to grow more rapidly and secure market leadership."

As technology strives to keep up with consumer demand for ubiquitous communications, consumers will continue to see more and more remote workstations replacing human operated systems. iBoot empowers businesses to aggressively build out remote terminal models while keeping tight controls on management, maintenance and overall costs.

About Dataprobe

Dataprobe is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for today's demanding remote site management environment. Since 1969, Dataprobe has been providing communication managers, OEM developers and direct consumers with innovative remote technology products that help make their jobs easier, businesses more successful and overall work environment more productive. In listening to their customers' needs, Dataprobe provides specific product customization and devoted customer service.

Dataprobe offers an innovative product line to meet the high demands of the remote technology industry including remote reboot and power control, remote switch and relay control, alarm reporting and site monitoring. The company recently launched the iBoot, a compelling solution that remotely monitors, manages and controls corporate and personal computing devices and other electronic equipment.

Led by industry veteran David Weiss, Dataprobe, serves over 4,000 customers worldwide in the remote technology market sector. The company continues to lead the remote site management industry by leveraging their core expertise combined with their skilled research, engineering, sales and customer service professionals

Neptune Turns On Savings with Dataprobe's iBoot; iBoot Remote Power Solution to Increase Remote Workstations' Uptime and Minimize Overhead Costs

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