August 17, 2006

Infonox Upgrades Active Payment Platform for self-service kiosks

Infonox, a provider of turn-key solutions that deliver complex financial services through kiosks, ATMs and other delivery channels, has enhanced its core engine, the Active Payment Platform(TM) (APP).

The platform's new features enable enterprise customers to launch customized financial services in a matter of days, with an increased level of flexibility and features to simplify deployment of financial transactions for users.

The new release responds to six critical needs valued most by enterprise customers - Flexible, Reliable, Available, Monitored, Extensible and Scalable (FRAMES). The upgraded platform with FRAMES eliminates the costly and often unreliable integration of best-of-breed systems on different technologies like a transaction switch, a CRM system, monitoring system, device middleware and backend interface because these capabilities are offered in a single-platform, ready to deploy in a co-branded or customized fashion.

"The upgraded Active Payment Platform provides faster integration, a wider variety of ready-to-go customization options and cutting-edge features to enhance relationships with end-customers," said Safwan Shah, president and CEO of Infonox. "The platform also offers new features for customer experience management, whereby deployers can offer dynamic pricing, marketing and cross-selling, plus let end-customers have more control over their financial transactions."

Infonox has continually developed the APP during the past six years and has been awarded three patents on the underlying technology. The APP is the equivalent of a "multi-protocol transaction router," which enables its customers to connect any transaction device with any financial application over any payment network.

Infonox drives and supports major ATM's, kiosks, POS terminals, and hybrid multifunction devices. The company also offers an extensive library of customizable financial applications including ATM, POS, credit, check cashing (personal, payroll), cash advance, money transfer and more. Infonox has certified interfaces into all major backend processors, EFT networks and credit bureaus and is PCI compliant.

About Infonox

Infonox provides turnkey solutions for delivering financial and non-financial services to kiosks, ATMs and other delivery channels. The company enables leading financial service providers to create their own "hub and spoke" networks for the delivery of revenue generating services. Infonox technology dramatically reduces service delivery costs while increasing and enhancing customer relationships.

Through a "Software as a Service" approach, Infonox partners can rapidly launch new services with minimal investment in IT integration. Infonox's product suite unifies devices, transaction services, business process and rules, backend payment providers, back-office operations and enterprise remote monitoring in an on-demand fashion.

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