September 07, 2008

Digital signage software resource

Discovered this cool digital media signage application that is done in Flex.

Digital Signage delivers a new medium for direct communication with your captive audience.

For a successful signage presentation your signage content must be entertaining and informative. Our signage studio provides you with all the tools necessary to fully take advantage of each display monitor and to maximize message exposure.

In addition you may use external tools such as Adobe’s Creative Suit including Flash CS and Adobe Premier to further enhance your animation and videos before uploading them to our servers.

Remember, your signage presentation is only as good as your content.

Supports all Flash formats

Use external tools to customize your content before submitting

We are in the process of developing additional sub-players *

Next release of Signage Studio will include enhanced Signage Designer *

Posted by staff at September 7, 2008 03:27 PM