June 19, 2009

Touchscreen News - Multi-touch developer kit from 3M

3M Multi-touch Developer Kit Wows SID Display Week Attendees - 10-finger Independent Tracking Sets New Standard for Touch Interfaces

Methuen, MA – June 10, 2009 – The 3M Multi-touch Developer Kit was introduced to the touch industry at the SID Display Week 2009 Conference in San Antonio last week to the welcome praise of display industry experts, the apparent awe of conference attendees and the reluctant respect of touch competitors, and essentially redefined what “multi-touch” really can be.

Where 2- to 4-finger touch capabilities and simple pinch-and-expand gestures once defined sophisticated multi-touch interactivity, 3M’s multi-touch technology designed with fast and accurate 10-finger touch now sets the new “true multi-touch” standard. Software developers using this new interactive tool may create previously unattainable interaction with their applications that might include enhanced operating system desktops, 4 or more players gaming, or may finally touch-enable everyday 10-finger activities like QWERTY keyboard typing or piano playing.
The 3M Multi-touch Developer Kit also received extensive television coverage from Fox 29 KABB News (San Antonio affiliate), which singled out this new technology in a roving-reporter, show-floor feature and then with an in-depth, in-studio, follow-up segment during their News First morning technology report.

The 3M Multi-Touch Developer Kit will be shown to the audio-visual (AV) industry at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, Fla., June 17-19.
Visit www.3M.com/multitouch for more information on the 3M Multi-touch Developer Kit.

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