August 26, 2009

Touchscreen News - Multi-touch & tutorial site from 3M

News from 3M on multi-touch and also launch of new "education" site which is to explain all various touchscreen technologies be they from 3M or Elo or whomever. Upcoming conferences are in California.

3M Presents “What is Multi-touch” Overview at 2009 Display Conferences
3M Launches Touch Industry Reference Site to Help Establish Touch Nomenclature

Methuen, Mass. – August 26, 2009 – Multi-touch interactivity may be the touch industry’s most discussed topic and possibly the most misunderstood when single finger gestures and 10 resolvable touch points are grouped together and called “multi-touch”. For software developers writing applications along this 1 to 10 finger touch spectrum and system integrators matching their requirements with existing touch solutions, understanding the multi-touch capabilities of popular technologies is important. To help clarify this touch nomenclature, 3M Touch Systems will be presenting on “Multi-touch” at two upcoming display conferences (DisplayBank U.S. FPD Conference 2009, August 20, 2009, Santa Clara, CA and DisplaySearch Emerging Displays Technology Conference, September 2, 2009, San Jose, CA) and launching a touch industry reference web site at

“With 25 years of touch industry experience and as a manufacturer who offers touch technologies ranging from single finger touch to 10 resolvable touch points, 3M Touch Systems is in a unique position to help standardize our industry’s nomenclature,” said Scott Hagermoser, business manager, 3M Touch Systems. “We’ve seen first hand how a simple misunderstanding of ‘what is multi-touch’ can create buying confusion and lead customers to select the wrong touch technology for their solution.”

Posted by staff at August 26, 2009 12:53 PM