October 27, 2009

Financial Service Kiosks In the News

Pantel Systems releases PR with new data from multi-function kiosk in supermarkets. Advertising and coupon dispensing are focus areas for them. Picture included.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 26, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PSI Corp. (Pink Sheets:PSCP), operating as Pantel Systems Inc., (the "Company" or "PSI") operates a full service multi-functioning kiosk in various supermarket locationsin New York City. For the past six months, the Company has focused on the development of its advertising and coupon dispensing technology function from its kiosks. David Foni, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "PSI's multi-functioning kiosk is unique for its multiplicity of capabilities and now has succeeded in raising coupon redemption rates in excess of 20% for its supermarket coupons versus the supermarket industry average of 1.4% redemption rate for free standing inserts. The key reasons for the success of the program is the products being offered are all from major consumer product good companies, there are meaningful discounts on the offerings, there are visual ads being shown on the kiosk's LCD screen in the supermarkets and equally important the supermarkets are receiving a 100% realization from the coupons being redeemed within 30 days."


Mr. Foni continued, "We have demonstrated strong results at Key Foods, National Supermarkets Association and now this week entering Met Foods. PSI has shown that in the complex, ethnically diverse community of New York City, coupons are very important to everyday supermarket business. The Company is in advance discussions with several other large New York City based supermarket chains which it hopes will prove fruitful. We anticipate additional expansion both in New York and surrounding states in the first quarter of 2010. Additionally, we intend to file patents, and add new couponing features including mobile texting and loyalty card programs to the kiosks."

About PSI Corp.:

PSI Corp., operating as Pantel Systems, Inc., provides interactive customer communications systems and applications that support the targeted marketing programs at point of purchase (POP) service and information. The Company has two vertical markets for its E-Banking Kiosks Supermarkets and Deep Discount Retailers.

Posted by staff at October 27, 2009 11:08 AM