February 25, 2010

SeePoint intros new Remote Management System

Seepoint introduces new RMS (Remote management server) for kiosk remote monitoring. Seepoint generally recommends Kioware for the overall platform.

24 Feb 2010

SeePoint Interactive Kiosk Systems delivers on-demand kiosk system health monitoring, content control and user feedback with its new Remote Management System, according to a press release.

Interactive display kiosks now serve businesses across the spectrum of industries, making a major difference in critical marketing, sales and information-dispensing capacities with their unique ability to connect directly with the public where they work, shop and play.

With its new Remote Management System (RMS) product, SeePoint Interactive Kiosk Systems says it has has solved the vexing problem of how kiosk owners can monitor and update the often widely dispersed machines without having to tie up valuable resources tending to each unit in their physical locations.

SeePoint’s new Kiosk Server offers centralized control of entire kiosk networks, allowing the Los Angeles-based company to securely update content, download transaction and survey information, "heartbeat" monitor system health and remotely troubleshoot any problems that arise on behalf of their clients, providing vital usage information instantly. The system is well suited for retail kiosks, healthcare kiosks and other advanced kiosk networks, according to the company.

"Kiosks provide an incredibly valuable customer service for the businesses that utilize them. We feel that with RMS, SeePoint affordably fills a real need for a smart, efficient way to network and centralize the management of kiosk systems, which are often deployed far from their business base of operations," said Jeff Goldstein, SeePoint’s vice president of sales.

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