January 10, 2011

Five Million Patients Check In Using Self-Service Kiosks from Connected Technology Solutions

MEQUON, WI January 6, 2011 -- Connected Technology Solutions (CTS), a leading provider of self-service healthcare kiosks, has announced a milestone: its Patient Passport Express™ kiosks have assisted more than 5,000,000 patients around the nation to check-in for their appointments. Over 50 leading healthcare system providers, hospitals, and clinics have installed the easy-to-use kiosks that save time for their patients while increasing efficiency for their facilities.

ust as self-service kiosks have transformed banking (ATM’s) and airline check-ins, they’re now indispensable for millions of medical patients. Using easy-to-navigate touch screens, the convenient My Patient Passport Express™ kiosks designed and engineered by CTS allow patients to quickly check-in, make future appointments, update personal medical histories, sign documents using an integrated electronic signature pad, make co-pay payments with a credit card, and even provide maps of the facilities to help patients and visitors find their way.

CTS has developed and deployed award-winning kiosks since 2002, offering exceptional hardware and software design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and support. “We design for the needs of each individual client, because rarely does one size fit all,” said Sandy Nix, CTS President and CEO. “Unlike so many cookie cutter solutions available, we create user experiences that deliver our client’s branded message with integrity.”

In addition to the freestanding My Patient Passport Express™ kiosk, CTS also offers a complete line of multi-purpose units to fit a variety of functions and spaces. For instance, the DeskTopper™ has all the hardware features of its big brother, including a printer, but is compacted into a smaller form factor, and the mobile Patient Info Center™ displays digital signage with various screen sizes and interactivity options.

“We’ve always believed in the value of great design and engineering, but we never lose sight of creating practical and effective enclosures and systems that meet the demanding needs of our clients while satisfying budget constraints,” added Nix. Website

About Connected Technology Solutions
Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) is the thought leader in branded user experiences that include interactive kiosks, digital signage, displays and retail fixtures, with an extensive roster of clients in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, and transportation industries. Privately held, the company has won numerous awards for its customized software and hardware design, engineering, deployment, and customer service support since its founding in 2002.

To arrange an interview with a CTS representative, or for more information, please contact Kevin Sanchez at Hollenbeck Associates, 415.227.1150 ext 110 or [email protected]

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