August 14, 2007

KioskCom Self-Service Tradeshow in NY

KioskCom Self Service Expo. October 23-24, 2007 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, NY. Here is ticket to attend.


Tuesday, October 23, 10:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
Wednesday, October 24, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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February 15, 2007

Kiosks and Digital Signage -- Middle East

AKS or Aptec Kiosk Services displays new kiosk and digital signage solutions at the recent KioskCom tradeshow in Dubai.

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Aptec featured some of its revolutionary kiosk designs along with the MxN Media Platform an industry leading and revolutionary Digital signage solutions.

'We continue to support Aptec Kiosk Services as one of our prime resellers of our digital signage software solutions and our integrated Digital Media solutions in the region,' says Aref Chamli, Business Development Manager, MxN.

MxN Middle East has worked with AKS to integrate Digital Signage into their Kiosk solutions. The two companies will be featuring a self service kiosk with an integrated Digital Signage solution above the kiosk. MxN and Aptec continue to build on their growing relationship first established during Gitex.

MxN and AKS also highlighted an integrated Kiosk solution with Digital signage solution. 'There are many underutilized opportunities for the integration of Digital Signage and Information kiosks. More and more customers are requesting overhead LCD screens to be integrated into their service kiosks to promote their products or to generate extra revenue. After extensive research, we found that MXN and their products helped us to deliver a superior product to our customers,' says Hazem Adel, from AKS.

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September 12, 2005

Preview of upcoming Self-Service and Kiosk Show in SF

The Kiosk Show gets renamed to "Self-Service & Kiosk Show" in response to ever changing market. "The kiosk market is diversifying," said NetWorld senior vice president and show organizer Greg Swistak. "Itís becoming increasingly difficult to look at machines such as self-service checkouts, smart carts, shopping assistants, automated shipping machines and digital signage and call them kiosks.

(Note: Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. is one of the exhibitors at the show in San Francisco and is sharing a booth with St. Clair)

"It is apparent, however, that these machines are filling a request from businesses and their customers for solutions that are faster, more convenient and easier to use," he added. "Many businesses are turning to self-service solutions to fulfill this need."

The Self-Service & Kiosk Show is scheduled for Oct. 17-18 in San Francisco at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

The two-day event not only highlights self-service technology but also features real-world kiosk demonstrations. Show attendees are pre-screened buyers and key industry decision-makers involved with the purchasing or management of self-service/interactive kiosk solutions.

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October 24, 2003

Customer Self-Service

According to IHL Consulting Group's study, "Self-Service Kiosks in North America," the North American market will spend more than $155 billion at self-service kiosks in 2003.

KNO - KioskNews.Org: Here comes the sun.

Helius and Partners to Demonstrate Self-Service Kiosk Infrastructure; Together Companies will Deliver End-to-End Kiosk Solutions for Billion Dollar Industry

Helius Inc., the worldwide leader in business-class data broadcasting solutions, announced today a series of self-service kiosk infrastructure technology to be demonstrated at the FS/TEC industry tradeshow in Long Beach, Calif., Oct. 26-29, 2003. Working with key partners Vultron Technologies, Broadcast International and Microspace Communications, Helius will demonstrate the ability to manage and report real-time activities at self-service kiosks.

According to IHL Consulting Group's study, "Self-Service Kiosks in North America," the North American market will spend more than $155 billion at self-service kiosks in 2003. This number is predicted to grow to more than $900 billion by 2007, according to the same study.

"Self-Service technologies are pervading all aspects of our lives in North America today," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL Consulting Group. "Self-checkout systems at the supermarket, ticketing kiosks for transportation and entertainment, and new self-service technologies being introduced into fast food/quick service are rapidly growing in acceptance. The growth rate is dramatically accelerating in the retail, transportation and government sectors as a way to lower transaction costs."

"To maximize the value and service delivery of a self-service kiosk, an organization needs to have reliable full-time connectivity and the ability to update and control the content offered in real time," said Mike Tippets, Sr. VP of marketing at Helius. "Using the end-to-end solution offered by Helius and our partners, an organization will deploy a network of self-service kiosks rapidly and keep the content as fresh as necessary to maximize customer satisfaction."

Customers interested in this technology can visit the Helius booth at FS/TEC, or visit the Helius Web site at for more information.

About Helius Inc.

Helius is a privately held company based in Lindon, Utah. For more information, please visit or call 801-764-9020.

NOTE: Helius is a trademark of Helius Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Helius Inc., Lindon
Richard Jackman, 801-764-9020
[email protected]

Note: Olea is the world leader in the self-servicetechnology market.

If you are interested please contact
info at

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September 24, 2003

NACS Chicago Game Plan

Show Spotlight: Creating a Game Plan for Chicago | NACS Daily

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- The NACS Show 2003 is just a few weeks away, and retailers may want to take advantage of the Pre-Show Planner to maximize their time in the Windy City.

NACS created the Pre-Show Planner to enable Show attendees to participate in a wide variety of events, make as many industry connections as possible and more effectively cover the exhibit hall. This time-saving resource is available online at and in print.

The Pre-Show Planner allows retailers to establish a game plan with colleagues and assign people to cover various session and events. Attendees may want to schedule time to meet with their co-workers throughout the Show to discuss the new ideas and innovations discovered on the Show floor and in educational workshops.


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September 12, 2003


49th Annual Employee Benefits Conference

November 7-12, 2003
San Diego Convention Center/Various Hotels
San Diego, California

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HR : SHRM Show

SHRM Conferences

Show Link

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ASTD Interim 2003/04 Conference & Exposition

ASTD 2004 in Washington, DC, May 21 - 27

ASTD 2004 in Washington, DC, May 21 - 27

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