June 22, 2010

Uniguest Acquires Showcase Technology's U.S. Hotel Business Center Customers

Uniguest, a provider of print, technology and specialized services globally for hospitality, healthcare and other industries, has stated that they are expanding their kiosk division with the acquisition of Showcase Technology’ U.S. hotel business center customers. It's been a long road for Netstop/Moonrise/KioskLogix.

According to the company, Riverview Capital Advisors acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the principals of Uniguest in the acquisition and Nashville-based Pinnacle Financial Partners financed the transaction. Exceptions to the agreement are Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resorts and Fairmont Hotel properties, which Showcase, based in Torrance, Calif., will maintain.

Uniguest makes the lives of its clients and their customers easier and more productive by providing access to information through computer kiosks, digital signage and print materials. Uniguest's kiosk division offers security software protection, ongoing IT help desk support and general kiosk management for approximately 3,000 global hotel customers and more than 5,000 computer workstations. The acquisition will add close to 350 USA locations and 600 computer workstations.

CEO and Co-Founder of Uniguest, Shawn Thomas has stated that the Uniguest and Showcase have followed very similar paths over the last decade. As competitors, Uniguest started about the same time, both offering innovative, secure products for the hospitality industry and strong commitments to their customers. Uniguest expects many new developments, both in technology and future business deals, between the two companies.

The transaction or acquisition process will in no way affect customer services and they will continue to receive the same high level of support and Showcase software solutions.
Chairman and CEO of Showcase Technology, Paul Rajewski added that it’s a great experience working with Uniguest. Although they will continue to maintain their kiosks in Canada and at the Waldorf and Fairmont properties, the acquisition allows them to concentrate on their biggest strengths by developing technology and providing innovative solutions to complex problems for the hospitality industry.

Uniguest has exclaimed that they have become a reseller of Showcase's NetStop kiosk software as well as licensed Showcase's proprietary database management software for kiosks, as part of the acquisition. The addition of new software solutions to their already robust offerings has brought more value to their customers.

In related news Uniguest signed qualified vendor agreement with Choice Hotels and Uniguest and Thinix structured strategic partnership.

Uniguest Acquires Showcase Technology's U.S. Hotel Business Center Customers

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January 24, 2010

New KIOSK website

New KIOSK website is up and going thru shakedown cruise before announcement. Completely redone. See http://www.kiosk.com. Let us know your comments at info at kiosk.com

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April 12, 2008

Newsletter from KIOSK

Newsletter from KIOSK on new "stuff". Nice photos of new modular kiosk cafe for cybercafes as well as NEMA4 rated outdoor ticketing kiosk for Fujitsu. Digital signage and wayfinding 42" touchscreen project shown. Very nice three monitor EyeSite kiosk. For KioskCom there are a couple of entries including AT&T as deployer of the year.

KIOSK Newsletter with Photo's

Here is text version..

Self - Service KIOSK Information - April 2008
A quick preview of what's new at KIOSK…

New Milestones:

The KIOSK Team celebrated record-breaking 2007 year-end sales growth in December. Growth milestones in sales revenues, new customer wins, and market share increases combined for our best year ever and a very healthy entry point in 08'. Thank-you to all our customers for a great 2007, and for the strongest 2008 first quarter bookings in KIOSK's 15-year history!
KioskCom Vegas - Platinum Sponsor - Booth #214 - April 16th & 17th

KIOSK is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for The KioskCom Self Service Expo and Digital Signage Show at Vegas' Mandalay Bay Convention Center. We're coming into 2008 with an outstanding complement of new hardware releases and successful customer deployments. We'll be fully staffed with our expert Sales, Engineering, Software and Product Development staff at the show. If you would like to book a private consultation at the show, please email [email protected]
New Kiosk Standard Models:

Since 2004, the Stubby Series has been an industry favorite. The 2008 series features 19-inch screens for an even more engaging self-service experience. The "Super Stubby" can be ordered as a countertop, pedestal, or wall-mount model. A full range of computing options provides very economic application platform choices. The series combines standard model savings with peak configuration and form factor flexibility - the ideal self-service solution mix!
New Modular Kiosk Café:

ZOOX Stations (KIOSK's subsidiary dedicated to the design and manufacturing of cutting edge Internet, business, entertainment, and gaming platforms) is introducing the NETZOOX Self-Serve Internet Café. Accelerated ROI is the cornerstone of the solution design, economically leveraging a single payment or production kiosk to serve multiple user stations. NETZOOX offers a full range of profitable turnkey application packages to help customers manage their busy lives on the road. Internet / Email, Casual Gaming, Office Services, and Laser Printing are all turnkey software solution options.

This modular and highly configurable hardware platform is also ideal for a number of vertical market applications in Education, HR, Retail, Government DMV, Corrections Institutes, and many others.

New Outdoor Model:

FUJITSU is introducing the U-Serv 150EX designed to increase customer service efficiency and convenience with outdoor self-service ticketing. With integrated environmental controls, this NEMA 4 rated kiosk can withstand the harshness of rain, high winds and extreme temperatures. The resilient touch screen display is designed for easy viewing under intense sunlight, resisting glare, dirt, and pollutants.

Integrated receipt printing and a multi-directional scanning device enable coupon redemption and other bar code promotions. Currently in their first volume production run, Fujitsu anticipates quick deployment with major entertainment companies looking to maximize their outdoor marketplace.

Fujitsu's U-Serv 150EX is a proud addition to KIOSK's expanding custom outdoor solution portfolio.
New Digital Signage:

With expanding Digital Signage market demand, we're pleased to introduce KIOSK I.D., an innovative 42" Interactive Digital Signage solution.

Advanced 3M MicroTouch DST touch screen technology provides a superior level of customer engagement and adds a valuable measurement element to digital advertising.

Anticipating further merging between traditional Digital Signage and transactional kiosks, KIOSK has integrated an insert credit card reader and receipt printing functionality as options to bridge advertising into on-the-spot sales transactions.

Application options are limited only by the imagination and can be deployed in venues from shopping malls and hotels, to transportation hubs and stadiums.

For years, KIOSK has featured dual screen kiosks that layer Digital Signage into traditional self-service transactional solutions. EyeSite™ Kiosk by SoloHealth, a 2008 Self Service Excellence Award Finalist, is among the best client examples KIOSK has seen of incorporating digital signage into an interactive application. Leveraging research and technology from Ciba Vision and EyeSite, SoloHealth has deployed the first self service vision health awareness kiosk designed to:

* Educate consumers on the importance of eye health
* Motivate them to book an eye exam with local eye doctors
* Grow the vision care market

The first company to incorporate three screens in their solution, SoloHealth features two screens for an interactive eye health-screening test. A third 19" Digital Signage screen draws consumers with informative video, attract loops, and in-store offers from participating vision care ad sponsors. It's a brilliant complement of features for accelerated ROI.
Advancing Deployments:

Additional customer deployments proudly featured in our booth and our KioskCom Self-Service Award Finalist line-up include:

* AT&T - Deployer of the Year Nominee
* Cabelas, The World's Foremost Outfitter - Best Retail Deployment Finalist
* Dave and Busters - Best Entertainment / Gaming Deployment Finalist, Best Overall Software Solution Finalist
* EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth - Best New Innovation in a Kiosk Deployment Finalist

KIOSK wishes each of our client nominees the best in the awards ceremony Wednesday evening, April 16th from 4:15 to 5:15 pm. All are outstanding examples of very profitable, best-in-class deployments.
Expanding International Footprint:

KIOSK's International presence is expanding monthly, with a number of new International customer wins, planned global deployments, and a growing list of authorized distributors. Under the leadership of KIOSK's International Sales Team, Dan Stewart and Karla Guarino, our list of International Distributors has more than tripled since 2007, and currently includes:

* Brazil - Ideas2Go
* Columbia - Xchange Agent, Inc.
* Dubai - Aptec, UAE
* Dubai - MXN
* Kuwait - KTS
* Monterrey, Mexico - NBVO
* Puerto Rico - Rafael Rosario & Associates
* UK - Kiosk Manufacturing, Ltd.
* Venezuela - Harps / Go2Pay

New distributors in Australia, Malaysia, and Nigeria are to be signed within the month. For international inquiries, please contact Dan Stewart, International Sales Director, [email protected]

New Sales Staff Members:

Abby Boes' East Coast Sales Team has expanded to include Eric Nebola as of late 2007. Eric moved into Sales after four years of Senior Engineering contributions to KIOSK. His technical expertise and second nature industry knowledge is a huge asset to the team. The East Coast region has had an exceptional run on Retail and Financial wins, coupled with exciting new prospects in Travel & Tourism.

Steve Jeziorski (L), West Coast Sales Representative, has been a key contributor to the success in the Western Region since 2006. Rick Freeman (R), a recent new graduate from UNC, is now supporting both Steve and Stacey Yeary with their expanding inside sales quoting demand and customer support requirements.

The Western Region is credited with expanding KIOSK's market share in Retail, Ticketing, Security, and Healthcare client growth.

Tim Stith (L) joined Patty McCann's Central Region Team in 2007, bringing strong technical and seasoned Sales Engineering talent to the team. New hire, Ben Shafer (R), was recently snatched up from Regis' Business College and is already making strong sales contributions to the region. KIOSK's Central Region talent continues to dominate in Photo, Gaming, Retail, Ticketing, and other key verticals.

RFP activity and new leads for Central (and all) regions continue to show strong growth and contribute to our optimistic industry outlook!

New Web Resources

We've added new content to our website! Learn about our new digital signage (and interactive signage) as well as learn about "thin client" options and going green-IT. Finally, be sure and configure an online quote with pricing via our WebQuote (even purchase online).

Links are:

* http://kioskindustry.org/apps/digital_signage.html
* http://kioskindustry.org/apps/thin_client.html
* http://kioskindustry.org/webquote

The vast majority of our team will be at the KioskCom Self-Service Expo - we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific project needs! Booth #214 - front and center at the show entrance!

For more information visit http://www.kiosk.com, or call 303-466-5471.

read more

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December 11, 2007

KIOSK adds design and integration services for IBM AnyPlace Kiosk

Worth noting that KIOSK in Colorado has added new section to website for design and integration services for the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk. KIOSK has been doing projects as a certified business partner of IBM for years but this is first dedicated web collateral. See http://kioskindustry.org/ibm_anyplace_kiosk.html

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September 15, 2006

New Business is a Game for KIOSK

KIOSK Information Systems, in the midst of its best-ever sales season, is getting into a new, riskier sales game targeting the expanding gaming market.

Article Detail

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
By Rick Redding

New Business is a Game for KIOSK

Popularity of Online Gaming Leads to Creation of ZAZOOX Game Cafe

KIOSK Information Systems, in the midst of its best-ever sales season, is getting into a new, riskier sales game targeting the expanding gaming market.

Specifically, KIOSK is betting that the online gaming community will flock to machines that allow them to play the latest games against others folks – online, in real time – at a variety of public locations.

KIOSK formed a wholly owned subsidiary, ZOOX Stations, Inc., to launch the new initiative. It is calling the new product the ZAZOOX Game Cafe.

Tom Weaver, KIOSK’s sales and marketing vice president, said the company is going into uncharted waters with its new gaming kiosk. While KIOSK is taking a gamble on the initiative, the online player gaming market seems to be one that could pay off.

“We’re not changing our business model. Our OEM business is going very well. We’re not software guys. We are going down a different avenue," he said. "It's really our first push on a turnkey solution."

And Weaver says the new product is having a coming-out party at the Amusement and Music Operators Association Expo Sept. 27 in Las Vegas. It marks KIOSK's first appearance at the show, and Weaver said he hopes to meet potential distributors for the gaming machines, as well as representatives of retail chains with the ability to buy the machines in bulk.

"It's our first real product we've built a go-to-market strategy around," he said.

Thus far, KIOSK has been testing the game stations in about 100 Army barracks and a handful of public establishments, including truck stops, nightclubs, malls and college campuses. He said the mechanics of the operation, including maintenance, Internet connections and payment acceptance, have been fully tested.

The business case is compelling, Weaver said, with a measurable ROI predicted for six to 12 months.

KIOSK’s gamble is that people will go to public places to play online games against others, whether their opponent is sitting in the next game chair or on the other side of the world. The market has typically served individuals in their homes.

“Multi player online gaming is a hot new market,” Weaver said, citing statistics that indicate the market will reach $2 billion in the next year. KIOSK estimates the online gaming market at $500 million.“The secret sauce in the deal is the way content is provided to end user.”

Content is provided by game producers who traditionally sell their software in retail, often for around $50 per game, to be played on PlayStation and XBox systems. When a consumer buys a game, he typically plays it on a home system. But the beauty of KIOSK's system is that it makes popular games available for play for quarters per minute.

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August 14, 2006

KIOSK Meets European RoHS Compliance Directive

KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK), a leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions, announced its compliance with the European directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and also its new status as a certified "Green Partner" for Sony Corporation.

Fulfillment of the RoHS directive and compliance with WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) are part of KIOSK's overall strategic initiative to support ongoing global environmental programs.

"As a world supplier of innovative solutions, KIOSK is committed to the goal of producing products in accordance with legislative standards established to protect human health, and that are in line with global environmental obligations," said Dan Houck, COO of KIOSK. "We're pleased to comply with RoHS directives, having invested heavily for the past few years in our business and manufacturing infrastructure and in helping our customers and suppliers develop attainable transition programs. As a result, we are proud to validate compliancy with KIOSK Declarations of Product Compliance, third party test reports, and Certificates of Conformance for components and materials. In a continuing initiative, KIOSK is actively pursuing processes and methodologies to address the WEEE Directive for the treatment, recovery and recycling of electric and electronic equipment."

Sony has established its own global standards for management of chemical substances, titled "Management Regulations for the Environment-Related Substances to be Controlled which are included in Parts and Materials" (SS-00259) and is implementing control of certain specified chemicals in parts and materials. Sony has established the "Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program" in 2002, which outlines Sony's Green Partner Standards, the standards for chemical substance management, and audits suppliers based on these standards. In fiscal 2005, approximately 3,500 supplier and 200 OEM suppliers were certified as Green Partners. See http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/procurementinfo/green.html

Under the above mentioned chemical substances management system, Sony has prohibited the use of six chemical substances in parts and materials specified in the RoHS Directive. By the end of fiscal 2005, Sony has completed elimination of those specified chemicals from all Sony products, not only for the European market, but also for the worldwide market.

About KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK):

KIOSK Information Systems is the world leader in design, manufacturing, service and support of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals. KIOSK is the OEM manufacturer of self-service terminals for Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony Photo, US Transportation Security Administration and many others. KIOSK corporate clients include McDonalds, Ticketmaster, FedEx, Safeway, Citibank, Disney, Exxon Mobil, US Postal Service and Wal-Mart, as well as numerous government agencies and universities. KIOSK has facilities in Louisville, CO and Falkirk, Scotland, UK. Major vertical product markets include Retail, HR, Government, Photo and Digital Media, Voting, and OEM kiosk services. http://www.kiosk.com

KIOSK Meets European RoHS Compliance Directive: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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December 07, 2005

Kiosks Keep Drivers Happy

How Swift Transportation is using HR kiosk terminals to help the company serve its mobile workforce.

Article Detail

Wednesday, December 7, 2005
By Rick Redding

Making Swift Work

Drivers Are Happy with new Digital Dashboards

When Swift Transportation drivers arrive at a terminal, the first thing many do is check their digital dashboard at the companys Informer kiosks, where information on paychecks, benefits, log violations and company-provided e-mail is at their fingertips.

Independence is import for our employees, said Lindsey Lundeen, employee communications coordinator at Swift. When youre a mobile employee, you want to have a consistent, accurate resource no matter where you are. For us, its a simple way to keep in touch with a mobile workforce.

Swifts Informer kiosks were installed in August at 38 company-operated terminals and a dozen other locations in 28 states. The 150 kiosks are available to Swifts 23,000 drivers, plus 2,000 non-driver employees, and their popularity is spreading like wildfire within the company.

Lundeen said that in November, there were 98,000 user sign-ons, and that the length of user sessions has increased from 1.2 minutes in the first month of use to 2.14 minutes this month. The kiosks provide information on payroll, benefits, permits, training and safety information, truck repair manuals and parts availability, as well as e-mail, company news, weather, and driving directions.

She said the kiosks solve a number of issues for Swift, not the least of which is retaining a traditionally transient workforce.

If we increase driver retention by one percent, it would pay for itself, she said. At first, some drivers were hesitant to use it, because they thought there was a fee to use it. Now theyre excited to have access to their account information, and they can keep in touch with their family by e-mail.

Kiosk Information Systems of Louisville, Colo. provided hardware and ongoing service, and Netkey of Branford, Conn. supplied the software. Those two companies have a history of success in Human Resources applications, according to KIS territory manager Bob Harlow. Among their joint HR clients are the U.S. Postal Service and the Walt Disney Co.

Rest of story

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June 21, 2005

Blue Ribbon Self-Service Kiosks

Article on self-service kiosk awards at KioskCom 2005 where the Burn-A-Song kiosk designed/entered by Kiosk Information Systems and TouchNSurf took first place.


Music to go

The Burn A Song kiosk, designed by Colorado-based Kiosk Information Systems and Los Angeles-based Touch N Surf, resembles a high-tech jukebox on the surface: Users browse music by genre, touch album covers to view offerings by artist, and finally select the songs they want. But while a jukebox simply plays the selected songs, Burn A Song does just what its name implies and spits out a custom-burned CD filled with the purchased tunes.

Its an impressive application, even more so given the licensing requirements for the content being dispensed.

"This is a budding market, and the barriers to entry are high," said company president Shervin Rashti. "It is very difficult to acquire content licensing from the major labels."

According to Rashti, Burn A Song has established a relationship with Billboard, allowing the machine to offer preselected playlists based on those charts.

"This helps us speed the song selection process, and get the user what they need quickly and hassle-free," Rashti said.

The CD that emerges from the kiosk is custom-printed with a color label. While theyre waiting, customers can send video e-mail to a friend. The machine can also be extended with couponing, cross-promotions, and the sale of other digital products like games and ring tones.

"The growth potential for this market is enormous, and will include its own verticals that will revamp the way people get their media," Rashti said. "Very exciting!"

Original Story Link

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March 08, 2004

KIS in the news

Kiosk company expecting employment, sales growth

From the March 5, 2004 print edition
Kiosk company expecting employment, sales growth
Tom Locke
Denver Business Journal

After a couple of tough years in 2001 and 2002, kiosk maker Kiosk Information Systems Inc. is back on the fast-growth track, almost tripling its year-over-year production of kiosks to nearly 8,000 in 2003.

This year it expects to double that number to 16,000 units and increase employment to about 100 by the end of 2004, up from an average of about 70 now and 45 a year ago, said President Rick Malone, 46, who founded the business in 1993.

The new employees will be added at the company's 65,000-square-foot headquarters building in Louisville, where it assembles kiosk parts it outsources from various parts of the country and the world.

"They're one of the leaders, if not the leader, in the business. They're doing great," said Francie Mendelsohn, president of Rockville, Md.-based kiosk consulting and research firm Summit Research Associates.

Mendelsohn said the firm produces high-quality kiosks, is cost-effective and can deliver quickly. And though competitor IBM Corp. has picked up some of the big digital photograph kiosk orders in 2003 from Fuji and Kodak, the little company in Louisville can definitely compete with IBM, she said.

"Not only are they good guys, they have a very impressive work ethic," Mendelsohn said. "They just don't ship subpar products."

Amy Garland, marketing manager for Portland, Ore.-based health and lifestyle information company Healthnotes Inc., said her company picked Kiosk because of its "expertise in developing kiosks for the retail environment." It has provided an "excellent amount of service" to Healthnotes, she added.

Even the battle against terrorism comes within the Kiosk domain. Kiosks from the company are being tested at the Miami and Baltimore airports to check foreign visitors entering and leaving the United States by taking their pictures, scanning the bar codes on their passports and recording their thumbprints.

The demand for such kiosks by the Department of Homeland Security for airports, seaports and other departure/entry points might be about 10,000 units, Malone said, but even that "could be scratching the surface." He foresees the potential for using such security kiosks for checks at ordinary office buildings, for instance.

"It sounds a little James Bond, but how far are you going to go with your security?" he asks.

Of the company's 2003 revenue, about half came from kiosks designed for human resources uses, 30 percent from public Internet systems and the other 20 percent from miscellaneous uses.

In the HR arena, Kiosk's customers include the U.S. Postal Service, Pepsi and other big names. It supplied 2,700 units to Wal-Mart last year for job-application kiosks and nearly 400 kiosks to the Walt Disney Co., which enable cast members at theme parks to schedule vacation time and check out their health insurance plans.

The HR kiosks have a payoff period of as little as three months and are attracting considerable interest because of their accuracy, elimination of waiting lines and cost savings on labor.

Kiosk also produced 3,000 public-Internet kiosks last year. Examples can be seen at Denver International Airport, where the kiosks provide Internet-access uses such as checking e-mail or stock quotes for 25 cents a minute. The airport has eight "Shibby" kiosk locations, with four units each, on its three concourses.

Within 90 days, the public Internet units made by Kiosk will have the capability of downloading music to either a memory device, such as an MP-3 player, or a CD provided by the kiosk.

Mobile phone company Cricket Communications Inc. uses kiosks to enable users to "recharge" their phones with incremental minutes by putting cash in a machine at the kiosk. And Kiosk has a QuickPix product that lets users manipulate digital photographs -- and even insert balloons with smart-alecky captions -- and then print them immediately.

Kiosk has grown fast for most of its life. Yearly revenue rose from $60,000 in its first full year in 1994 to $1.2 million the next year, and then to $1.8 million, $4 million, $5 million, $7.5 million and $13 million by 2000.

Kiosk was projecting revenue of $20 million for 2001, but then the Internet bubble burst and the company posted lower revenue in 2001 than 2000, the first year-to-year decline in its history.

That was partly because retailers hurt by the economic slowdown cut kiosk marketing experiments, and partly because dot-com companies using Internet-related kiosks closed down. Plus, travel dove after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and that hurt the use of travel-related kiosks.

Some kiosk uses just haven't worked, Malone said. For instance, kiosks are too expensive for advertisement or marketing purposes, he said, and single-purpose kiosks devoted to sales of products such as flowers or car insurance also have been unsuccessful.

The hybrid public Internet kiosk is exciting because of its potential multiple purposes, including everything from Web access to music CD creation, photo prints and money orders, Malone said.

The company's revenue rose in 2002, but still not to the $13 million level of 2000. It posted minimal losses in 2001 and 2002 but made it back to profitability in 2003, when revenue took off again, reaching two-and-a-half times the level of 2002.

Malone declined to provide an exact revenue figure for 2003, but said it was "well into the mid-20s" in millions of dollars.

Kiosk prices can vary widely, from as little as $1,200 to as much as $20,000. That's why the number of produced units could increase 100 percent this year while producing a rise in revenue of only 50 percent.

"We would be slightly ahead of the industry, if we grew as expected," Malone said. "The pipeline is very full and it looks very promising."

One element helping the company land business is its ISO 9001 certification, he said. That designation is designed to assure buyers of a high-quality production process.

Summit Research projects North America's installed base of kiosks will grow from 201,000 in 2003 to about 325,000 by 2007, while the number of kiosks in Europe will grow from 159,000 to 290,000. That translates to 255,000 units added in four years.

One reason for the sales growth at Kiosk in particular is the use of outside sales offices now established in San Diego, Minnesota, New York and Texas. Also, the inside sales force has grown.

But the company's not just about growth and the quality of its products. Malone, who has been married for 17 years and has two children, said the company culture includes a balancing of career and quality of life.

He thinks he's managed that, despite the company's rapid growth since its humble beginnings. Kiosk started out with less than $100,000 in funding from two investors and an SBA-guaranteed loan for $70,000 through First National Bank of Fort Collins.

It has grown without infusions of outside equity capital, and Malone sees no financial requirement to go public. At some point, Kiosk might consider an acquisition offer, he said, but he thinks there's plenty of opportunity to increase the value of the company before that happens.

"The management team is committed to grow this to its highest valuation," Malone said.

Kiosk company expecting employment, sales growth - 2004-03-08 - The Denver Business Journal

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December 29, 2003

KIS Newsletter

December 23 - newsletter posted to newsgroup

December 11, 2003

Welcome to the KIS monthly newsletter!

Keeping up with the self-service kiosk industry is not an easy task. With news from KIS (the market leader) we hope to serve the community.

Some un-official KIS news we can share:

  • Two weeks ago, on national stage with the Today Show on NBC, Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore
    announced the new Pet Ark project (with the help of KIS).

  • KIS scored another major win for new kiosks in a very large home improvement chain.

  • Do the acronyms DHS and/or GSA mean anything to you? They mean something to Pete Snyder with KIS. Pete is coordinating
    our programs in this area. If you are interested please contact Pete at [email protected]

  • In August, Craig Keefner, the founder of Kiosks.org, joined the crew here in Colorado. Craig is currently
    putting together a Certified Solution Partner program (CSP) which encompasses Software, Hardware and Consulting services solutions that KIS offers. If interested, you can contact Craig at [email protected]

  • KIS recently added new offices in New York (Manhattan), Dallas, San Diego and Minneapolis.

  • We released our first software product specifically for the Retail POS markets with our javaPOS drivers (1.7 latest version). JavaPOS is the next generation OPOS.

  • Recreational News: PR Newswire and Thomson Financial held an invitational golf tournament which KIS won with an unbelievable 20
    under par 52.

If you are considering a kiosk project and would like to see what our CSP program can do for you, click here. Our multi-stage qualification form will start the process. Or email [email protected] and we can set up an interview. Projects ranging from 1 unit to 10,000 units qualify.

Visit our corporate site at www.kis-kiosk.com for the latest on our products and services as well as our special features such as our Frequently Asked Questions, Photo Kiosks, Interactive Kiosks and Outdoor Kiosk Tips. We also have new updated brochures you can request.

Industry Trivia:

1978: 8086 release by Intel

1985: 386 delivered

1987: Francie Mendelsohn of Summit wins a Mazda on tv gameshow.

1988: 1st touchscreen driver for Windows

1991: 1st kiosk displayed at Comdex

1993: KIS is founded

1995: Los Alamos delivers report on Kiosks (Dell Dimension used as test bed)

1997: 1st KioskCom show in NY

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    Olea Kiosks designs, manufactures, delivers and supports touchpoint kiosks.

    Olea is the largest producer of kiosks in North America and has complete engineering, design, and support
for interactive kiosks.

    It is all we do. Call us at 303-466-5471

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December 23, 2003

DMV Kiosks

Do-it-yourself kiosks are just fine with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.
[published by Kiosk Magazine]


Do-it-yourself kiosks are just fine with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. At least that's the news we just heard when KIOSK magazine followed up on the project. The state DMV has been working on a pilot project to improve services to customers.

This pilot project is one result of the Nevada DMV's overall goal of reducing wait times in the offices to one hour or less for all transactions at all times. "We've brainstormed on every possible way to achieve this. The kiosk is one technology project we felt was worth pursuing," said Nevada DMV Public Information Officer Kevin Malone. Other solutions include staffing and legislative/statutory changes.

The vehicle registration renewal transaction is the most common transaction the DMV has and is central to the wait times. Their Internet, IVR (phone) and mail-in programs now handle approximately 60% of the vehicle renewals, which leaves 40% of VR renewals being processed at an office when they don't have to be.

The kiosk is being used to divert customers from waiting in line for a technician while also addressing their (customers) reasons for visiting an office in the first place. "A certain percentage of customers simply want the decal and registration slip in their hand," noted Malone. "They have had snafus in the mail previously and/or do not want to run the risk of being cited for expired plates."

Another reason is that many Las Vegas residents are tip earners and want to pay with cash. Again the kiosk was a logical solution. The kiosk accepts cash, debit or credit cards, gives change (fees are in round dollars only) and prints and dispenses the registration slip and decal. Screens are in English and Spanish. The machine will scan a barcode at the bottom of the mailed renewal notice or the customer can enter the license plate number and last 4 digits of the VIN.

"One problem at this point," mentioned Malone "is that it does not accept Visa debit cards easily." He said that customers are often forced to do multiple swipes with the card. (The terminal accepts Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) A more important problem Malone addressed is that the conveyor belt system used to dispense change jams or loses money frequently. Because of this, they've needed to have a technician sitting by the machine to clear the jams and get the customer their change, slip and decal. Malone said, however, that this is only a minor technical problem that he believes the vendor will be able to fix. Otherwise, the system has worked out very well for the Nevada DMV.

"The customers who have used it have liked it," said Malone. All DMV customers have to go to an information counter first. For customers with a 'clean' registration renewal quipped Malone, "we give them the choice of waiting for a half-hour or more or doing it on the machine." For the customer it's an easy decision.

If this pilot is successful, the DMV plans to install up to 20 additional machines in offices statewide. After that, they would foresee expanding the kiosks to outside locations such as banks and malls. The Nevada Legislature appropriated $2M to pay commissions (5% or $15 per transaction, whichever is lower) on these self-service kiosks over two years.


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October 14, 2003

The Internet Kiosk

KIS has added new pages to corporate website. The Internet Kiosk and also Interactive Kiosks.

The internet kiosk has been around for probably longer most applications. Interactive kiosks and internet terminals have gone hand in hand for over 10 years. Kiosk Information Systems is one of the most experienced providers in this self-service application with dozens of projects and products serving this market.

The Interactive Kiosks pages also includes resources and even some Interactive Kiosk trivia.

Internet Kiosk page
Interactive Kiosks

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October 13, 2003

Visit us at FS/TEC

Visit KIS in Long Beach at the FS/TEC Foodservice Technology show. Booth 1263.
show website

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Be sure and visit KIS at NACS in Chicago, Booth 2899
See our online booth on the NACS Online Buyers Guide

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October 10, 2003

Partnership with DSL.net for Connectivity Options

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Oct. 8 -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS), a leading global provider of self-service technology, today announced it has has partnered with DSL.net to provide connectivity. DSL.net, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSLN), is a direct national provider of high-speed data communications and Internet solutions for businesses.

Kiosk Information Systems and DSL.net Partner on Connectivity Solutions
LOUISVILLE, Colo., Oct. 8 -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS), a leading global provider of self-service technology, today announced it has has partnered with DSL.net to provide connectivity. DSL.net, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSLN), is a direct national provider of high-speed data communications and Internet solutions for businesses.

"Companies today realize the importance of leveraging the Internet to expand services to customers," said David Struwas, president and chief executive officer of DSL.net. "The combination of the KIS self-service kiosk system and DSL.net's high-speed Internet connection will allow companies to provide customers with a quality interactive self-service experience virtually anywhere."

Many companies deploying self-service kiosks are interested in adopting Web kiosk technology for point of sale, loyalty programs, gift registries and other uses, yet do not have easy access to broadband network connectivity. Through the agreement with DSL.net, KIS can now offer DSL.net's broadband Internet access services to its customers as a high-speed option for connecting an interactive kiosk with a company's network over the Internet, enhancing performance and system reliability.

"Our customers need to extend their market reach beyond their storefront," said Tom Weaver, VP of Sales at KIS . "If leading businesses want their content available anywhere, anytime, then KIS needs to be able to offer our technology with reliable, best-of-class broadband access. DSL.net's national presence and strong business focus make them a great choice to be our partner for KIS kiosk solutions."

Visit the DSL.net Partner Page located on www.kis-kiosk.com for more information.

About KIS
Founded in 1993, Olea is the established leader in the design and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals. Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, KIS' growth over the last nine years has earned the company a place on the Inc. 500 list and on both the Colorado Fast 50 and the nation's Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte & Touche. KIS has provided innovative kiosks for a who's who of corporate clients including McDonalds, Citibank, IBM, Disney, Borders, Mercedes Benz and Conoco, as well as numerous government agencies and universities. Having produced thousands of kiosks for over 900 different applications, including human resources, interactive and transactional retail, and security applications, KIS has the most in-depth experience and expertise in the kiosk industry. Contact KIS at 303-466-5471 or www.kis-kiosk.com for more information on its complete line of kiosks and contract manufacturing capabilities.

About DSL.net
Based in New Haven, Conn., DSL.net, Inc. is a high-speed data communications and Internet solutions provider that uses digital subscriber line technology to provide high-speed Internet access to small and medium-sized businesses, primarily in second- and third-tier cities throughout the United States. As of June 30, 2000, DSL.net had provided service in over 300 cities in 45 states. For more information regarding DSL.net solutions and services visit http://www.dsl.net, e-mail [email protected], or call 1-877-DSL-NET1 (1-877-375-6381).

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October 06, 2003

Kiosk Information Systems Wins Postal Service HR Kiosk Contract

LOUISVILLE, Colo., July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) has been selected as the kiosk system provider for the U.S. Postal Service's "Personnel Central Kiosk (PCK)" initiative, which will offer human resources information to postal workers without computer access in their work environments.

Kiosk Information Systems Wins Postal Service HR Kiosk Contract
Friday July 25, 3:47 pm ET

LOUISVILLE, Colo., July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) has been selected as the kiosk system provider for the U.S. Postal Service's "Personnel Central Kiosk (PCK)" initiative, which will offer human resources information to postal workers without computer access in their work environments. The contract calls for KIS to initially produce and support 310 standard KT-125 kiosks for placement in postal distribution centers nationwide, with the option for ordering an additional 300 kiosks thereby bringing the maximum potential value of the Postal contract to approximately $4.1 million. The kiosk rollout begins this month and is just one component of the U.S. Postal Service's technology infrastructure within its transformation plan.

"Kiosks are the solution to extending company information and HR services to dispersed employees," according to KIS President Rick Malone. "The KT-125 features a privacy filter on the monitor that looks like a black screen to passers by, enabling postal workers to securely access personal information at their distribution center."

KIS partner Netkey Inc. is providing software support for the project, integrating the management system necessary to put the Postal Service's HR functions online with a secure and easy-to-understand user interface. Netkey's software makes it possible to manage and update the Personnel Central kiosks from a single desktop, and generate usage reports easily.

"Together, Netkey and KIS offer a comprehensive solution that makes it simple for HR professionals to quickly reach unconnected workers and realize the benefits of extended employee self-service," said Netkey CEO V. Miller Newton.

For additional information about KIS and Netkey and their kiosk services, please visit www.kis-kiosk.com or www.netkey.com .

About KIS

Founded in 1993, Olea is the established leader in the design and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals. Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, KIS' growth over the last nine years has earned the company a place on the Inc. 500 list and on both the Colorado Fast 50 and the nation's Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte & Touche. KIS has provided innovative kiosks for a who's who of corporate clients including McDonalds, Citibank, IBM, Disney, Borders, Mercedes Benz and Conoco, as well as numerous government agencies and universities. Having produced thousands of kiosks for over 900 different applications, including human resources, interactive and transactional retail, and security applications, KIS has the most in-depth experience and expertise in the kiosk industry. Contact KIS at 303-466-5471 or www.kis-kiosk.com for more information on its complete line of kiosks and contract manufacturing capabilities.

About Netkey

Netkey is the premier provider of management software solutions for extended self-service through kiosks and other customer-facing technologies. Netkey clients include America Online, BMW, Borders Books and Music, FleetBoston Financial and Publix Supermarkets. Based in Branford, Conn., the company holds three U.S. patents for its self-service technology. For more information on Netkey, please contact the company at 1-800-443-7952, via e-mail at [email protected], or visit Netkey on the Web at www.netkey.com .

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September 30, 2003

Rocky Mountain News: People

Rocky Mountain News: People and Technology -- Bytes, September 29

Personnel moves

Microsoft announced that Marguerite Cole has been appointed as business marketing officer of its Rocky Mountain District. . . . CoCreate Software Inc. named Irv Christy director of strategic alliances. . . . AeA, a high-tech trade association, named Judy Kennelley chairwoman of the newly formed Membership Development Committee. . . . Kiosk Information Systems appointed Tom Weaver vice president of sales and marketing. . . . ProSoft Inc. hired Lori Hanson as district manager in its Denver office.

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September 24, 2003

Rick Malone Interview July 2003

KIS and Rick Malone kiosk news and self-service kiosk news

An Interview with Rick Malone of KIS
[published by Kiosks.or located at http://www.kiosks.org/columns/rickmalone.html]

Rick Malone is the president of Kiosk Information Systems (KIS). Founded in 1993, Olea is the established leader in the design and manufacturing of kiosks, public internet stations and other self-service and informational terminals spanning every imaginable application.
PhotoTour of KIS and facility

Spending time with Rick Malone is always fascinating to me. I had the chance recently while in Colorado to stop by and visit (and also see the new facility). I've known KIS for 10 years and have always had the deepest respect for them.

KIS is arguably the single largest self-service and kiosk solution provider in the world (the folks at NeoProducts in the UK/Australia likely noticed that phrase arguably...). Recently KIS moved into a brand new facility in Colorado (doubling once again) and here I was visiting it for the first time.

Rick met me in the foyer and as usual was neatly dressed and all business. We went directly to the new manufacturing area. The Postal Service deal had just been awarded completed ($1.4M) and we talked about that. Also KIS is participating in the job application kiosk for Wal-Mart which also involved Wyse. We walked on.

The new ultra-modern flexible manufacturing floor came into view and it was easy to see all the different (small and large) jobs in process. KIS does everything inhouse such as prototyping, modification and all of the integration, QC and testing. They have their metal fabrication partners offsite like everyone else.

Rick noted that right now 70 to 80 units were being rolled off the line per day right now but that scaling up for clients like Wal-Mart and doing 100 to 200 a day just for them is no problem. A wide spectrum of clents and jobs I could see on the floor and literally could be from 1 unit to 2,000 unit jobs. High levels of customization are typical.

A large area of McDonald kiosks was there. QSRs are one of the hottest areas right now and I was not surprised. Standalone and counter-top units were there. I was surprised to learn the software was from a company in Fort Collins, CO.

The next area we went thru was another job application terminal being done for Shop and Stop. It had just finished being UL-approved and 350 units are the job.

The application terminals on the floor ranged all over the spectrum including cellphone toppers, ring-tones, airline booking systems, some new FREEosk units, a very cool high-end digital camera unit for Kodak, a check-in and checkout unit for prison inmates and a lot more. Very impressive for sure.

Rick said pointed out some of those (the Kodak unit for example) and commented that different colors, onesies or twosies are actually pretty popular.

Asking about the structure and processes and Rick talked how KIS adheres to the classic outsourcing model for metalwork and components. The idea is to own those factories only when you need them, which is smart. Outsourcing Vertical integration affords the opportunity to select the best supplier at the best price for the job. The entire company is ISO9001 controlled and inventory runs on JIT.

So how is all this new "stuff" working out I asked? What are the results?

The results, Rick told me, are that at this time KIS is experiencing twice the revenue with half the people. We do full machine integration and design, Rick said. And all units come with one-year onsite free maintenance he added.

We made our way back into the far other side of the facility and entered a very nice art area for signage/etc that the new facility afforded them. Probably 40-50K of equipment there and inhouse these sorts of capabilities are essential.

Expansion? Two new offices are being planned. One in Minnesota and one in California Kansas City. Let's see, we have Best Buy, 3M, Northwest, General Foods and Hallmark in those cities...

KIS has a new sales VP coming in and are in process of adding additional expert sales engineering staff.

East Coast and Southern West Coast offices are coming.

KIS it appears is headed for a significant larger expansion that I had estimated...

Later on we stopped into Rick's office. The architecture of the building has a striking and pleasing effect. Rick's office was neat (he is a bit on the meticulous side being an engineer) and I sat down.

I knew I had to ask the question. Francie had made me promise that I would after I said I would.

The question being, "I know its just one segment of your business, but these internet biz ops, and ones like Nationwide, they are pretty scary aren't they?".

Rick smiled (I think he was expecting it...) and began. Look at ATMs. Look at pyaphones. Internet access is tracking much the same. "Bizops" were a big part of those industries. Back then, one in ten succeeded but that number grew and eventually they went to the next level.

We talked about people who introduced public internet. US West for one. AT&T for another. Getting the equipment and the equation perfected was needed. Rick talked about all of the many clients that Olea provides internet terminals to (not just Nationwide). Having the right portfolio of application for the machines and where they are located are drivers of success. Different forms of entertainment and transactions in general. Multi-applications...

Rick asked me directly, "Do you believe in public internet terminals, and do you understand the volability?". I had to nod yes. The conversation then went on to observe how so much similar the vending machine industry is to public internet. Scenarios related to vending and different ROI plans emerged. Rick said not to talk those thru so I won't.

Back to the BizopsNationwide Rick noted for my benefit that one of his customers, Nationwide, is continually improving the machines on an active ongoing basis. That says something good for sure. Bottomline KIS invests in public internet machine because they believe they will flourish.

And I have to agree.

"One rule in Business is You Cannot Be Late", said Rick. "Look at the Shibbys. Right now they make $26.46 average per machine per day."

We noted that fortunately Uniglobe shut down and that the new American Terminal is doing well.

"There is a growing network out there Craig. Nationwide, Netkey, Zaplink, many more. What if product is distributed across the entire network?".

You make money then right?

That got Rick started and the excel file out. Here's the expenses, here's the total capital, here's the lease back. Charging 25 cents a minute and at current usage rates and given certain revenue sharing, thats $17K a month and 26% net profit after all of those expenses. That's not bad Craig.

Hmmm. Now I am thinking. So what about usage?

Well, right now Craig typically its 107 minutes. With some new apps that can easily go to 180 minutes. That's 44% after net profit ($19K). The big app?

Email, email, and email...

I got some more numbers from Rick like average time of a session (10.7 minutes per session) and of course the average $2.67/user with 10 users per kiosk a day. All handy numbers. It's almost like KIS has elected to do its own research and proof of concept. Rick agreed and smiled, "and don't forget, machines and costs all the way around are going down...).

All in all it was one great visit to KIS. In the business world it's about being in the right place at the right time, executing, and not being late.

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September 23, 2003

Interview with Tom Weaver

Kioskmarketplace interview of Tom Weaver of KIS.

KIS names new VP, jumps on sales accelerator

by Christine Zimmerman, editor 10 September 2003

Tom Weaver, vice president of sales and marketing for Kiosk Information Systems, just started with the company June 30, but he already has lofty goals. For one thing, he said he will increase revenue five-fold in the next three years.

Thats significant since Weaver said KIS will double its sales this year over last year. "We are counting on a lot coming in the fourth quarter."

Weavers appointment marks the beginning of a new direction for the KIS sales team. "We have a very specific sales and marketing strategy. Were pinning our ears back and taking a direct approach," said Weaver. He is developing outside territories, as well as internal support systems. KIS is taking its approach nationwide.

Rick Malone, KIS president, said the company will grow from five territories to seven in the next two months. Weaver said the KIS will have new support in the Southwest, South and Midwest. Weaver reports directly to Malone.

The company will target high-level executives at Fortune 1000 organizations and sell them on the benefits of self-service technology. "We will offer them a solution for reducing internal costs, making their employees more efficient, improving their customer loyalty. The focus will be benefit-centric," said Weaver.

He said the majority of KIS business to date has come from companies that had already decided to buy kiosks, but hadnt settled on a vendor. "We are going to partner that past approach with a solid, direct sales tactic. We will be proactive."

Weaver said KIS is an industry leader in terms of engineering and design. But the point of entry is really the total solution, he explained. "The change here is that we are presenting a united front, drawing upon our partnerships with key software vendors."

And Weaver said he works closely with KIS project managers on each prospective customer. "There isnt a day that goes by in which sales doesnt interact with design or engineering. We say, this is what the customer needs, how do we do it?"

Tom Weaver, VP sales and marketing, KIS

Staffing up

Malone said Weavers sales professionalism will be a major growth factor for KIS. "Tom knows how to deal with a national, outside sales force," he said.

Weaver, who does not have any background in the kiosk industry, worked most recently for his own sales training and consulting company, 3E Solutions. He also worked at a start-up software company called Traq. Prior to that, he spent seven years with AirTouch/Verizon Wireless. "There is value to coming in with an outside perspective," said Weaver. "Ive come from a mature, solid business."

The benefit of that to Olea is the ability to forge full speed ahead. "KIS has experienced major growth this year in revenue. But we realized we were still missing opportunities," said Malone. "We felt that now, its time to jump on the accelerator. Weve been too reactive. There were days we were too busy to answer the phone."

Today there are eight people in KIS sales department. By the end of this week that will be 10, said Weaver, adding that its a safe bet he will have at least a dozen people in sales by the end of the year. That could double within 12 months, he said.

Malone wont comment on what the staffing up will cost KIS, but he said he is putting a "tremendous amount of capital" into the sales department. "I expect to see the payoff in 2004 or 2005," said Malone.

Weaver agreed. "The beauty of our approach is that I cant think of a company that couldnt use self service. Thats what attracted me to this company. It is a leader in a rapidly growing market."

I have never been part of a company with such an impressive customer list top to bottom: WalMart, Disney, U.S. Postal, Citibank, McDonalds. I will work to solidify these relationships to make sure they will be happy moving forward with us," said Weaver.

Weaver plans to attend the Kiosk Show in Long Beach, Calif., next week, though his now-frenetic schedule may change. See related story, "Kiosk Show to get 'intimate' with attendees."

He wants to attend the show to meet with KIS partners and learn about the industry.

"That would be nice," said Malone about the idea of Weaver attending the Kiosk Show. "But hes spread all over the place, traveling weekly. Im even on the road. We have some large contracts in play."

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KIS preferred vendor for DynaTouch military kiosks

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) announced its strategic marketing partnership with DynaTouch Corp., a leading kiosk software developer and content designer for the Department of Defense.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) announced its strategic marketing partnership with DynaTouch Corp., a leading kiosk software developer and content designer for the Department of Defense.

Under the agreement, KIS is now the preferred kiosk enclosure provider for DynaTouch's DoD product lines. Since 1988, DynaTouch has installed kiosks at more than 75 percent of all U.S. military installations worldwide.

KIS and DynaTouch will work together to offer the DoD self-service information kiosks with a consistent unit enclosure that is easily recognized by the military's transient work force. The partnership makes it possible for the companies to develop kiosks with a variety of applications under a branded look that fits the DoD's image and budget parameters, according to a news release.

"We were looking for a stable company with proven experience that could deliver a high-quality kiosk enclosure quickly and at a competitive price point," said Terri McClelland, DynaTouch CEO. "KIS was a match on all levels."

"DynaTouch's track record with the DoD opens up a great opportunity for KIS," said KIS president Rick Malone. "We are developing a distinctive DoD kiosk design with a sleek, high-tech look that is durable and requires little maintenance. The unit will complement any DoD application DynaTouch develops."

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Kiosk Information Systems Appoints Tom Weaver Vice-President of Sales

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiosk Information Systems
(KIS), a leading global provider of self-service technology, today announced the appointment of Tom Weaver as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Weaver will be responsible for leading KIS's worldwide sales as well as driving the company's product marketing initiatives. He will manage all sales as well as develop partner relations and distribution channel initiatives. Weaver reports to President Rick Malone.

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiosk Information Systems
(KIS), a leading global provider of self-service technology, today announced the appointment of Tom Weaver as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Weaver will be responsible for leading KIS's worldwide sales as well as driving the company's product marketing initiatives. He will manage all sales as well as develop partner relations and distribution channel initiatives. Weaver reports to President Rick Malone.

"Tom is a classically trained Sales VP who brings a solution-centric approach that makes him the ideal candidate to lead our Sales," said Malone. "He brings a proven track record in building distribution channels, leading large and successful teams and a deep understanding of what makes our clients tick."

Weaver, 38, is a seasoned sales executive with nearly 20 years experience in sales and building sales networks. Prior to KIS, Weaver served as General Manager for wireless communications company AirTouch, where he managed the Sales, Customer Service, Engineering and Inventory departments. AirTouch later merged with Bell Atlantic, GTE and PCS PrimeCo to form Verizon.

Weaver's other roles include running his own company providing technical sales training and consulting. With a former startup software company his roles assisting in raising venture capital, and the hiring, training and deployment of a nationwide sales organization.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to further the growth of the industry leader in the rapidly growing self-service market," said Weaver. "I am confident that our focus on a solution based sales model, and the expansion of our national sales team will solidify our position as the market leader in this space."

Functions reporting to Weaver include all sales development, partner relations, distribution channels and marketing functions.

Weaver was just recently interviewed by the major online kiosk news website, KioskMarketplace.com , and you can read that interview in entirety by clicking here.

About KIS
Founded in 1993, Olea is the leader in design and manufacturing of self-service applications including human resources, employee benefits, job application, internet Wi-Fi kiosks, fast food POS and vending terminals and kiosks. One of the fastest growing companies in the United States, KIS' growth over the last nine years has earned the company a place on the Inc. 500 list and on both the Colorado Fast 50 and the nation's Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte & Touche. KIS corporate clients include US Postal Service, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Citibank, IBM, Disney, Borders, Mercedes Benz and Conoco, as well as numerous government agencies and universities.

Visit http://www.kis-kiosk.com for more information.

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