February 25, 2010

SeePoint intros new Remote Management System

Seepoint introduces new RMS (Remote management server) for kiosk remote monitoring. Seepoint generally recommends Kioware for the overall platform.

24 Feb 2010

SeePoint Interactive Kiosk Systems delivers on-demand kiosk system health monitoring, content control and user feedback with its new Remote Management System, according to a press release.

Interactive display kiosks now serve businesses across the spectrum of industries, making a major difference in critical marketing, sales and information-dispensing capacities with their unique ability to connect directly with the public where they work, shop and play.

With its new Remote Management System (RMS) product, SeePoint Interactive Kiosk Systems says it has has solved the vexing problem of how kiosk owners can monitor and update the often widely dispersed machines without having to tie up valuable resources tending to each unit in their physical locations.

SeePoint’s new Kiosk Server offers centralized control of entire kiosk networks, allowing the Los Angeles-based company to securely update content, download transaction and survey information, "heartbeat" monitor system health and remotely troubleshoot any problems that arise on behalf of their clients, providing vital usage information instantly. The system is well suited for retail kiosks, healthcare kiosks and other advanced kiosk networks, according to the company.

"Kiosks provide an incredibly valuable customer service for the businesses that utilize them. We feel that with RMS, SeePoint affordably fills a real need for a smart, efficient way to network and centralize the management of kiosk systems, which are often deployed far from their business base of operations," said Jeff Goldstein, SeePoint’s vice president of sales.

SeePoint intros new Remote Management System | KioskMarketplace

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December 09, 2009

Acquire Releases Kiosk Monitor Watchdog for Windows 7

From Working Solutions & Acquire in the UK -- Operating in over 10,000 interactive kiosks worldwide, the popular ‘Software plus Services’ remote management solution has been dramatically upgraded.

Most of us have seen the Windows blue screen or some other error on a kiosk, whether on a check-in kiosk at an airport or a ticket collection machine at the local cinema. Kiosk Monitor Watchdog not only prevents these errors from showing, it also reports information back to the network owner and facilitates remote access so that the problem can be resolved.

The solution is comprised of three key components. First the Watchdog, a locally installed program that locks-down the kiosk preventing any local or remote access. It performs automatic remedial actions and continually monitors and logs any pre-configured trigger events or errors. Watchdog is available as a standalone LITE version which can be configured to send email notifications to technicians or engineers. Watchdog PRO is designed for kiosk network owners for whom remote access is essential. It enables remote administration, diagnostics and an optional fully featured support ‘ticketing’ module. It even provides SMS warning functions.

The second component is the Remote Service Manager (RSM) which is installed remote from the kiosks and enables support personnel to see a vast array of information about the kiosks in their network. Graphical representations enable kiosk health appraisals to be made instantly, so that secure remote access can be carried out. The final component is the PLUS! Network. It is the ‘glue’ that binds the whole Kiosk Monitor Watchdog solution together. The PLUS! Network is comprised of hosted secure servers which constantly maintain the integrity of a kiosk network, facilitating the back-up and storage of important data, and providing a secure tunnel by which technicians can remotely operate.

“Consistent with our strategy of offering both SaaS (Software as a Service) and ‘Software plus Services’ solutions, we are offering customers the choice of either a one-off small licence fee for Watchdog LITE or a complete remote administration solution for a small monthly fee” commented Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager.

There are dozens of features available, ranging from simple keyboard blocking e.g. ‘ctrl alt del’, to SMS error notifications. For more information call on +44 (0) 116 231 8921 or email [email protected], or go to http://www.kioskmonitor.com for information about Kiosk Monitor Watchdog and http://www.acquiredigital.com for information about Acquire Digital.

For Media and Sales Enquiries in USA:

Michael Hoppe
Vice President - Business Development

Key Biscayne FL 33149
Tel: + 1 (786) 564-5279
email: [email protected]

For all press enquiries please contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd. email: [email protected] or tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061

About Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd

Based in Leicester, England, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd has been providing award winning solutions to the digital signage and kiosk market segments for more than 12 years. So much more than just another media player, the Acquire™ range includes software products and player devices that combine power and functionality with the ability to control and manipulate content to create unique digital signage and interactive kiosk projects. Acquire™ software is already powering more than 15,000 players worldwide and has the flexibility to support multi-nationals corporations and small ‘start-ups’ alike.

Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd is based in Leicester, England.

For more information contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd . Email: [email protected] or

Tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061

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August 06, 2008

Kiosk Case Study - Remote Monitoring Pays Off

Nice case study on LogMeIn site covering recent deployment of Crown Mailing kiosks and their experience with the remote monitoring services needed and used for their self-service terminals.

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The Company
Crown Mailing Centers is a quickly expanding chain of pack-and-ship kiosks located in retail stores. Crown stores offer UPS, FedEx, DHL & US Postal services as well as a wide range of shipping supplies. This “store within a store” was the brainchild of Hallmark retirees Matt George and Jim Lembcke and started out in Hallmark Card Shops. In the span of 13 years, more than 300 mailing centers were opened and the concept has since expanded to drug stores and big box stores.

Strategy for success

Crown Mailing Centers is deploying its kiosks to drugstores at a rapid pace. Shipping can be a complex task, but the kiosks help simplify the many variables involved. And customers love the convenience of being able to ship the products they buy at the drugstores easily and quickly. This success means great growth and brand recognition for Crown, while presenting the challenge of scaling technology to provide maintenance and support to numerous locations.

Ben Cecka, technology/support director at Crown Mailing, knows every transaction is critical and that keeping the applications operational—and customers happy—is of prime importance. So when business started booming, he knew he needed an efficient and cost-effective way to manage this quickly growing network of self-service kiosks.

Already familiar with the LogMeIn name, Cecka found LogMeIn IT Reach via a Google search, and was pleased to discover LogMeIn IT Reach for supporting remote, unattended systems with ease. He decided that Crown Mailing would roll out IT Reach to 30 stores nationwide to remotely monitor and maintain the kiosks and assist their customers.

Supporting remote kiosks with ease

Right from the start, Cecka was pleased with IT Reach’s easy-to-use monitoring and management capabilities. “We established very quickly during the LogMeIn IT Reach trial that it was a great improvement over the solution we had been using,” he said. Technicians could now securely access the remote systems and diagnose and resolve any problems as if they were at the actual location, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming service calls – either by phone or on-site. In fact, Cecka says, call times have been reduced by about 50%.

In addition, the ability to connect to the customer’s interface and walk them through each step of the transaction adds significant value to Crown Mailing, as well as to the retailer hosting the kiosk.

One of the IT Reach features that Crown Mailing finds most valuable is the Alerts, which can be set to monitor the performance of the kiosks and provide instant notification if there are any issues. This offers peace of mind since corrections can be made proactively and preventively, before problems occur. They use the Alerts feature extensively – particularly the application crash alert. According to Cecka, “The Alerts feature offer(s) us the ability to track the running of applications and to trigger alerts if key applications should crash.”

“The Alerts feature offers us the ability to track the running of applications and to automatically notify us if key applications should crash.”

–Ben Cecka, technology/support director, Crown Mailing Centers
“We are happy to entrust our kiosk maintenance to LogMeIn IT Reach”

More time-saving features of IT Reach include Group Administration, which helps Crown organize the machines in their account according to functional area, geography or designated technician, and Inventory Tracking &
Reporting, which allows them to automatically collect system data from all their machines from one central location.
Keeping hardware and software up to date with the correct versions and latest applications is critical when positioning for success. And there is no room for growing pains. That’s why Crown Mailing trusts IT Reach’s
Dashboard and Remote Control to giv their development and support teams the information they need to monitor, maintain and manage the kiosks remotely with ease, rather than monitoring each site in person 24/7.

Saying he is “happy to entrust our kiosk remote maintenance [to] LogMeIn IT Reach,” Cecka calls the experience with LogMeIn a positive one, and looks forward to continued success serving more satisfied customers in less time, and reducing travel, support time and headcount costs.

Expand the Reach of IT

LogMeIn IT Reach offers a powerful remote administration toolkit that has all the features needed to manage remote kiosks, POS machines, and digital signage proactively and solve problems quickly… all from one location. Systems administrators monitor and maintain systems whether they are attended or not, so there’s no need to schedule time with end users to get the job done.

Increase Your Reach

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About LogMeIn, Inc.
LogMeIn offers a suite of remote access and support solutions that provide instant, secure connections between remote PCs over the Web. Powered by the LogMeIn Gateway, the service has applications for desktop remote
control, data backup, file sharing, remote system administration, and ondemand customer support.

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