(ETM-ENTERTAINMENT-NETWORK) ETM Ticket Machines offer golf courses

        reservations; automated kiosks provide ''a link to the links'' with

        booking service for PGA Southern California Section Preferred Tee



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            COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 1997--ETM

        Entertainment Network Inc. (ETM) has signed an agreement with PGA

        Southern California Section Preferred Tee Times to provide reserved

        tee times at participating golf courses throughout Southern



            PGA Southern California Section Preferred Tee Times, a Southern

        California-based golf network that offers golfers the convenience of

        booking tee times for more than 40 different courses with one toll-

        free phone call, chose ETM to harness the convenience and

        availability of ETM Ticket Machines, which are located in high-

        traffic retail locations such as malls and grocery stores.  


            ''The whole exciting concept starts with giving the public a

        great way to reserve tee times, and eventually golf courses will

        also be able to promote special programs or events at their

        facility,'' said SCPGA Preferred Tee Times President Howard Kelly.  


            ''As leaders of fast-growing companies, I've felt that Howard

        and I were reading from the same page,'' said ETM co-founder Peter

        Schniedermeier.  ''We want to create a new level of customer service

        for the golf industry and at the same time increase our presence in

        the marketplace.'' 


            To accomplish this goal, ETM is installing more ETM Ticket

        Machines throughout Southern California.  


            The growth of SCPGA Preferred Tee Times is evident by its ever-

        increasing list of participating golf courses.  The number of

        participating courses is expected to reach more than 500 nationwide

        within the next two years.  A new tee time reservation feature will

        soon be available on its Web site, www.teevision.com 


            According to both companies, the fee to use the new service will

        be no more than $2 per player.  The service will actually be free to

        members of SCPGA Preferred Tee Times.  Golfers will also be offered

        the convenience of joining the membership through the ETM Ticket



            The ETM Ticket Machine provides the public with the best

        combination of convenience and service.  With an ease-of-use similar

        to a typical ATM, the ETM Ticket Machine's touch screen will allow a

        golfer to view a golf course and reserve a tee time.  Tickets with

        the reserved tee time are printed right on the spot after a purchase

        is made with a credit card or smart ATM card.  


            The ETM Ticket Machine also broadcasts the latest promotional

        information about up-coming events, concerts, and merchandise and

        other products such as recorded music, clothing and souvenir items

        available through ETM Entertainment Network.  


            There are 40 ETM Ticket Machines currently installed throughout

        Southern California.  The ETM Ticket Machines are in Hughes Family

        Markets, Vons Pavilions Markets and Gelsons Supermarkets.  The

        company is introducing ETM Ticket Machines to other cities

        throughout Southern California.  A machine will soon be installed at

        The Galleria at South Bay, Redondo Beach!!  


            For further information about the company and ETM Ticket

        locations, call 714/437-0103.  For more information about SCPGA

        Preferred Tee Times, call 714/634-4653.  




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