SAN DIEGO, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ Tulsa based Williams will be introducing a remarkable interactive in-stadium sports entertainment network at the Super Bowl. ChoiceSeat(TM), designed in part by Doctor Design of San Diego, enhances the sights and sounds of sporting events while a fan is actually in a stadium seat. Over 600 ChoiceSeat(TM) units will be installed at the Super Bowl in individual seats, club lounges, media areas and luxury suites. The ChoiceSeat(TM) exemplifies the convergence of television and PC's by allowing fans to enjoy an experience that is much more interactive and entertaining than what is merely going on in the field.

The ChoiceSeat(TM) screen is a high-brightness color LCD panel that combines video and data displays with a touchscreen input mechanism. Simply touching the desired virtual button highlights the display and allows the fan to navigate through a huge variety of game enriching options for picture and sound. Super Bowl fans will be able to view the live action from a number of individual camera angles in the stadium and on the field, watch replays from multiple angles and pull up nearly limitless relevant statistics and real-time information. They can even select other video on-demand, play computer games and order souvenir merchandise. The video functions also allow the fan to view other selected telecasts within the main viewing window. Advertising messages from system sponsors and merchandising concessions are displayed in three different areas within the overall screen layout. Simply touching these advertising messages as they scroll by brings up additional information.

"Having Doctor Design involved in the development of ChoiceSeat(TM) from the beginning of the project has proven to be very valuable," says Barry Goldberg, ChoiceSeat(TM) executive director and general manager. "Their extensive expertise in convergence technologies assisted us in overcoming many technical and logistical hurdles, offering the fan a robust, user friendly product."

Doctor Design, a specialist engineering design services company focused on convergence technologies located in San Diego, formed part of a multifunctional design and implementation team that has been working on the ChoiceSeat(TM) system for the past year. Doctor Design ensured that the overall system and screen hardware would be reliable and robust by enclosing the system in a rugged plastic casing that is able to stand up to sometimes harsh environmental conditions of real world fan activity but yet still be aesthetically pleasing. The initial pilot program was developed in cooperation with Williams' Vyvx(R) video services company, beginning with an installation of only four units. The project grew to over 400 prototype units during the San Diego Padres baseball season last summer, allowing thorough proving of all aspects of the system and the gathering of significant amounts of mechanical, electrical and fan feedback.

"The entire engineering and marketing team at Doctor Design were enormously pleased to have worked with Williams to create this unique product," says Marco Thompson, President of Doctor Design. "Our company experience is rich in developments that marry sophisticated technologies with intuitive and accessible interfaces. We look forward to being involved in future applications of converging technologies that will be found extensively in other sports and entertainment areas."

Doctor Design implemented a hardware configuration consisting of a cluster box of ten, 133 MHz Pentium Processors, 32 MB of RAM, a power supply, video tuners, a high speed network connection and various other elements. Each cluster box is mounted underneath the stadium seat support with video display cables fed upwards to the actual seat. Each 8.3" x 6.3" screen is an active matrix 640x480 LCD screen with 64K colors and a touch screen overlay. The backlit screen, chosen after extensive testing, works extremely well for both bright sunlight or night games.

Doctor Design, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: INTS), is a leading supplier of electronic engineering design services focusing on Convergence technologies in the dynamic Communications, Computing and Consumer Electronics industries. Doctor Design has earned a reputation for offering innovative engineering design solutions and completing implementation of these solutions in a rapid and cost effective manner. In conjunction with ISI, which offers a suite of world class real time systems development products, Doctor Design can achieve worldwide coverage from its headquarters in San Diego. For more information on the company, visit WWW.DOCTORD.COM.

Williams (NYSE: WMB), through its subsidiaries, is the nation's largest- volume transporter of natural gas and provides a full range of traditional and leading-edge energy and communications services. Its communications enterprises include nationwide single-source business communications systems integration; international video satellite and fiber-optic transmission; multipoint video- and audio-conferencing; satellite business television applications; enhanced fax services; interactive technical training, on-demand distance learning, and Internet and telemarketing services. Company information is available on the World Wide Web at and Vyvx is a registered trademark of Vyvx, Inc. ChoiceSeat registration is pending. All other products or company names are trademarks of their respective holders.