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i-MEDIA Develops Combined Web and Kiosk Marketing Solution

ROSWELL, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 20, 1998-- Finally, a solution that provides businesses with a cost-effective way to maintain a presence on the Web linked with complimentary in-store interactive systems. i-MEDIA, of Roswell, GA has introduced its Sales XTRANet, a comprehensive interactive, multimedia solution that provides a low cost network of in-store systems linked with Web content.

i-MEDIA has rolled out its XTRANet solution for Wools of New Zealand. Wools of New Zealand markets New Zealand wool in their manufacturing partners' carpets and rugs bearing the Fernmark brand label. Their goals were to reach consumers and educate them about the benefits of New Zealand wool carpet; to give retailers a differentiating sales tool; and to create a closer knit community with their retailers through quick and efficient communications.

i-MEDIA's XTRANet solution begins with a Web Site that allows Wool's message to reach the consumer in the comfort of her own home. The Web site combines extensive advice for the home decorator with a comprehensive database of Fernmark manufactured products with criteria driven search capability. Designed to encourage the consumer to visit their local retailer, the Web site includes an automated Retail Locator to find and print the location of the closest outlet for the products selected. The site can be found at www.fernmark.com

Once inside the store, the i-MEDIA TouchBrowser(a) allows the user access to the Web site, in a touch screen environment, from the retail system, reviewing all the same content that is available at home on the Web. Additionally, local content is stored on the system to aid the consumer in the buying decision. In the case of Wools, the customer can use the point of sale system to place her selected carpets in a 3D photo-realistic room setting. She can choose between many possible products and room settings to see which products are best suited to her needs. The in-store system is designed to aid the salesperson by providing all the product information necessary to close the sale.

The i-MEDIA Sales XTRANet also makes communication between the manufacturer and retailer more efficient. The Web site contains a private side that is password protected and accessible only by participating retailers and approved personnel. This feature helps the manufacturer greatly improve their channel communications providing up to date information to all retailers at the same time. In addition, any customer leads generated by the Web are available to participating retailers. The retailer can download these leads and use them to market in his area, merging the leads with built in sales collateral contained in the system.

The i-MEDIA Sales XTRANet makes it easy for the retailer to successfully use the system by providing a ``no hassles'' solution. For a low lease price, the i-MEDIA Sales XTRANet comes bundled with installation, training, 800 number technical support and on-site maintenance. The retailer doesn't have to worry about software or hardware, only using the system to increase sales and profits.

``i-MEDIA based our solution on a strategic view of our total marketing processes and needs, rather than just developing a Web site, as most others proposed,'' says Charles Maddrey, Wools of New Zealand's Director for North America. ``i-MEDIA stayed focused on the resulting objectives, and delivered the solution on schedule.''

The i-MEDIA Sales XTRANet is ideal for use across all industries. Any manufacturer or distributor would benefit from it by:

-- Reaching more consumers through an interactive Web experience -- Driving consumers to local points of purchase -- Facilitating more sales through multimedia tools -- Supporting the solution with training, Help Desk and onsite


The XTRANet is the most complete, cost-effective solution allowing manufacturers, dealers and retailers to work together to increase the bottom line.

(a) i-MEDIA and TouchBrowser are registered trademarks of i-MEDIA, Inc., www.i-medianet.com

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