(PIONEER-NEW-MEDIA) Pioneer Unveils Innovative Industrial DVD-Video Player That Revolutionizes DVD-Video Technology (Business Wire; 02/05/98)

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 5, 1998--

-- Pioneer Continues Leadership In Optical Disc Technology With Launch of the DVD-V7200, The World's First Player to Maximize The DVD-Video Format

-- Break-Through Player To Redefine How Business, Industry and Education Develops And Applies DVD-Video Technology

Pioneer New Media Technologies, the recognized leader in industrial optical disc technology, Thursday unveiled the most innovative industrial DVD-Video player that redefines and revolutionizes how DVD-Video technology will be developed and applied in business, industry and education.

Pioneer's DVD-V7200 is the world's first-ever industrial player to totally maximize the DVD-Video format and will provide developers and users with many long-awaited features and capabilities.

A highly interactive video unit, the player offers users a dynamic presentation, display, marketing and training tool complete with all of the advantages and versatility of DVD-Video technology.

"Pioneer's DVD-V7200 establishes the hardware foundation and sets the standard for DVD-Video in all professional markets," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Multimedia Systems Division. "This new player has been designed and developed based on extensive customer research and input. Simply put, the DVD-V7200 offers users a reliable, durable and affordable professional DVD-Video player with all of the format's promised bells and whistles."

The DVD-V7200 is designed to meet a wide range of business, industrial and educational applications including corporate training, classroom education, public exhibits, in-store displays, kiosks and more. Providing all of the options that DVD-Video technology can offer, the DVD-V7200 is a highly reliable, compact and lightweight unit that boasts more than a dozen major features. These include mouse control, frame accurate search capabilities, a video blackboard, an external sync lock and the ability to be computer controlled.

"DVD is the technology of the future and Pioneer is committed to the format," Toleno said. "As the unveiling of our DVD-V7200 player clearly demonstrates, we will continue to be an industry innovator and forerunner."

The Multimedia Systems Division of Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc., with headquarters in Long Beach, Calif., is the leader and technical innovator in optical disc technology for the industrial market. Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc., is a subsidiary of Pioneer Electronic Corp.

For more information on Pioneer's new DVD-V7200 player and other industrial products from Pioneer New Media Technologies, visit the company's Web site at www.pioneerusa.com or call 201/327-6400.