REDONDO BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 1997--Soon at

        The Galleria at South Bay, a new kiosk will feature touch-screen

        televisions, bank ATMs and convenience to shoppers in a way that

        hasn't been used before: A Union Bank of California interactive

        banking kiosk.


            Preparations are now underway to unveil Union Bank of

        California's new interactive video kiosk, designed by Callison

        Architecture, featuring Sony's latest interactive video technology,

        making Union Bank of California's services available in a new way at

        The Galleria at South Bay.  The video kiosk will become a landmark

        in banking service technology as the first of its kind in the

        western U.S.  Grand Opening is scheduled for early May.


            When unveiled, shoppers will be able to open accounts, apply for

        consumer loans, discuss investments, print out information and talk

        live with a UBOC representative, all through an interactive video

        hookup.  This kiosk will become a branch of UBOC.


            What's unique about the kiosk is that fact that all these

        banking functions can now be completed in a mall, in an office of

        less than 50 square feet (most banking offices are about 5,000

        square feet).  More information about the new interactive video

        banking kiosk will become available as the early May Grand Opening

        date nears.  The following firms were instrumental in creating the



        Callison Architecture -- An architectural design firm, based in

        Seattle, designed the structure of the kiosk, including customized

        access ports and a configuration that makes the kiosk striking and

        convenient for mall use.  


        Sony Technology Center -- Engineers at the San Diego center designed

        the interactive monitors used in the kiosk.  The technology

        incorporates high-quality video conferencing, full-motion video and

        advanced audio performance.  Sony TriniCom technology allows users

        to experience all the elements of a face-to-face conversation.


        The Galleria at South Bay -- is the first shopping center in the

        west to adopt the interactive video kiosk.  Located in Redondo

        Beach, Calif., it is in close proximity to aerospace and high-

        technology workers and more than 640,000 residents.


        Union Bank of California -- is the first bank in the western U.S. to

        adopt a kiosk which blends unique design and touchscreen interactive

        technology.  The bank is measuring customer acceptance of the

        interactive kiosk, with an eye to possible future use in heavily

        trafficked areas.  


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        CONTACT:  Callison Architecture

                  Eric LeMay, 206/623-4646


                  The Galleria At South Bay

                  Mickey Marrafino, 310/371-7196


                  Sony Technology

                  Greg Dvorkan, 619/673-2905

                  Product info:  800/686-SONY


                  Union Bank of California

                  Andrew Porterfield, 213/236-4145





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