DENVER, COLORADO, U.S.A., 1997 APR 8 (NB) -- By Bob Woods. US West's

        [NYSE:USW] Interprise Networking Services division said testing of

        its public Interact Internet access terminals is fully underway in

        the Seattle area. The terminals give users access to their e-mail,

        the World Wide Web, various online services, and other Internet

        services while they're nowhere near their primary computers.


        Each terminal contains a multimedia computer, and are hooked to the

        Internet via special integrated subscriber digital network (ISDN)

        lines that provides speeds five to 10 times faster than standard

        analog modems, officials said. Eventually, the terminals will be

        connected through digital subscriber lines (xDSL), which use

        existing copper phone wiring to achieve higher speeds than the

        modems most people use to hook up to the Net.


        The terminals themselves aren't the only concept being tested.

        People will use smart cards outfitted with digital certificates to

        pay for their online time. The cards will also contain a consumer's

        personal information. Corporate users will be able to access their

        businesses' networks from the public Interact terminals, because

        digital authentication data contained in the smart cards will

        contain information that will let the users through corporate

        firewalls, officials said.


        A $3.95 charge is levied for the first 15 minutes of use, and each

        additional 15 minute block costs $1.95.


        US West's Public Services arm will install and manage the terminals,

        while Interprise Networking Services will provide the Internet

        platform for the units.


        Interact terminals are currently in Seattle at The Broadway Market,

        Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle Center, Seattle Central Community College,

        and the Washington State Ferry Terminal. The Denver market is also

        set to get the terminals. If all goes well, the concept could be

        rolled out nationwide, officials said.


        US West officials were not available for further comment.


        US West's Web site is at .


        Interact Internet Service is one of a few such operations providing

        Internet access around the US. Berkeley, California-based QuickATM

        has installed its QuickATM Internet stations at the San Francisco

        Airport (Newsbytes, Feb. 27, 1997).


        The terminals are in United Airlines' North Terminal, adjacent to

        Gate 82. Users can retrieve and send e-mail, get online, surf the

        Web, access local travel information and purchase electronic tickets

        for flights, officials said.


        The company uses NEC Versa notebooks as the computer brains behind

        QuickATM stations. Users can access e-mail from almost any Internet

        e- mail address with few exceptions. Currently, AOL, Compuserve and

        Microsoft Network users can send e-mail through QuickATM, but they

        cannot access e-mail or the specific services.


        QuickATM plans rapid distribution of the company's Internet

        stations. Travelers moving through Los Angeles International

        Airport, Dulles and National Airports in Greater Washington DC, and

        Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Airports serving New York/New Jersey

        area will have an opportunity to use the new Internet kiosks in the

        next six months.


        (19970408/Press Contacts: Jeremy Story, Interprise Networking

        Services, 303-896-0934; Steve Dennis, US West Public Services, 206-

        345-1690; Cheryl Walsh, Brodeur Porter Novelli, 617-587-

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