FileNet Announces Saros @mezzanine Version 1.2; new kiosk development tool works with Saros @mezzanine 1.2 to speed Intranet application development

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- Saros, a FileNet Corp. business unit (NASDAQ:FILE) today announced the immediate availability of Saros @mezzanine (R) version 1.2 and Saros (R) Kiosk Builder (TM), a new visual programming tool that lets Intranet administrators rapidly build information kiosks -- Intranet access points -- without writing software code.

Saros @mezzanine 1.2

Saros @mezzanine 1.2 is designed to complement Saros Document Manager and fully utilize new features and innovations in the Saros Mezzanine library services. This release of @mezzanine builds on the strengths of the initial product release and provides thin-client Intranet access to additional document management functionality such as:

-- Version Access: Users can view a list of all versions of an

item and the properties associated with each version. -- Multivalue custom property support: Users can display multivalue

custom properties for items and versions. In addition, users

can search on an item's multivalue custom properties. -- Combined search and retrieval: Users can search for and

immediately retrieve a document with a single operation. -- Searching: Users can create document searches on predetermined

descriptive properties or can run predefined searches stored in

Mezzanine. When more results are returned than can fit on a

page, buttons are provided to view additional (next) or previous

results. -- Searching on phrases: Users can search on phrases (one or more

consecutive words) when performing a content search.

During the AIIM `97 conference and trade show in New York, FileNet will also be demonstrating future @mezzanine features including sophisticated folder navigation and management, check-in/ check-out, and integration with popular desktop productivity tools. Accessed through the industry standard Web-browser interface, this new functionality will provide enterprise customers a true thin-client solution for all document management needs.

Saros Kiosk Builder

With Saros Kiosk Builder, administrators can create customized "kiosks" -- simple but powerful Intranet interfaces comprised of at least two frames -- one for navigation and login, and one for information display. The navigational frame, based on Saros @mezzanine, allows end users to quickly find and retrieve information. The information frame displays HTML pages or makes use of industry standard plug-ins to view existing documents. Because kiosks are integrated with Saros Mezzanine library services, they contain the full security protections provided by the document management system.

"This is the fastest way to publish corporate documents to an Intranet Web site," said Lewis Carpenter, president of the Saros business unit. "Using Saros Kiosk Builder with @mezzanine demystifies the process of managing dynamic Web-site content and allows untrained browser users to easily find and view electronic information."

Using the default templates, a user can build a fully navigable kiosk with just a few keystrokes. At the same time, Saros Kiosk Builder's powerful template-driven architecture allows complete control over the look and feel of the resulting kiosk application. By changing the templates, a user can control the number and arrangement of the frames, the look and feel of the navigation structure and the nature and display of the retrieved information. The Saros Kiosk Builder requires Windows (R) 95 or NT 4.0 and works with either Netscape (R) or Microsoft (R) Web Servers.

Jeetu Patel, a senior system analyst with Doculabs, a Chicago- based research and advisory firm specializing in EDM technologies (, recently evaluated Saros products and determined, "One of the big challenges in establishing an Intranet is providing customization of the Internet interfaces. Saros Kiosk Builder has abstracted the customization to a level of simplicity that reduces the time and cost of deploying Intranet solutions."

FileNet's Saros business unit, based in Bellevue, Wash., and co-founder of the Document Management Alliance (with IBM, Novell, and Xerox), provides powerful document management solutions for the enterprise, the Internet and Intranets, and Microsoft platforms. Saros products provide controlled access to the complete document life-cycle including creation, managed storage, and delivery through Web integration and desktop viewing. Operating in a platform- independent environment, Saros software ensures the accuracy, manageability, and security of electronic information.

About FileNet

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based FileNet Corp. ( delivers to corporate and government organizations a Foundation for Enterprise Document Management (TM) through a family of workflow, document-imaging, electronic document management, and COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) client/server and Internet software solutions. The company's FileNet, Greenbar (TM), Saros and Watermark (R) products provide its customers the benefits of streamlined business processes and enhanced management of information assets across the enterprise. FileNet, the 34th largest independent software vendor worldwide according to Software Magazine, markets its products in more than 60 countries through the FileNet sales and support organization, and the ValueNet Partner Program of resellers, system integrators, and application developers. For more information, call (800) FILENET (345-3638) or (714) 966-3400.

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