SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 5, 1997--Siemens
  Business Communication Systems, in partnership with Siemens Pyramid
  Information Systems, today introduced a unique multimedia kiosk
  that uses the latest in high technology to entertain and provide
  personalized service to consumers, while allowing retailers to
  improve their bottom lines.  
      Called CAT (Customer Access Terminal), the new kiosk can be
  customized by retailers to recognize repeat shoppers and offer them
  discount coupons, products and services based on previous buying
  habits.  The kiosk's unique combination of computer and telephony
  technology enables retailers to build customer loyalty, reduce
  demand on in-store staff or reduce overstock of specific products.
      In a typical application, a customer entering a supermarket
  encounters a conveniently placed kiosk and inserts a credit card,
  customer loyalty card or smartcard.  The kiosk reads the customer's
  information, searches a database for pertinent buying habits and
  compares the information to a second database, which could contain
  information on in-store specials.  The kiosk would then print
  coupons on specials in which the customer may be interested.  
      Customers who need more information or other services can use
  another unique kiosk feature, which allows them to place video
  calls to a centralized call center to access specialized
  consultants and customer-service representatives.  "Siemens offers
  retailers a diversity of end-to-end solutions that encompass all
  aspects of retail operations from point-of-sale and information
  systems to telecommunications and high efficiency lighting
  systems," said Bharat Dav, vice president, Marketing, Siemens
  Business Communication Systems.  
  About the CAT Kiosk
      Available to customers 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, the
  kiosk eliminates the need for around-the-clock staff support.  In
  addition, the kiosk is also capable of supporting a variety of
  credit and smart card applications.  The server can access a
  variety of databases, including Informix and Oracle, to provide
  information to kiosk customers.  The kiosk interacts with customers
  through a touch-screen monitor, dual magnetic strip and smartcard
  reader, videoconferencing system, phone and printer.  
      "The CAT kiosk combines Siemens communications and data
  warehousing technology with an advanced shopping kiosk to provide
  customers with a self-service alternative that is convenient,
  entertaining and very cost effective for retailers," said Bill
  Gimple, vice president, Systems Technology, Siemens Pyramid.
  "Customers benefit from the kiosk's ability to offer consistent
  delivery of services and product information."  
  Pricing and availability 
      The kiosk is immediately available by contacting Siemens
  Business Communication Systems at 1-888-333-8081.  Pricing begins
  at $23,995. Due to the highly customizable nature of kiosks, price
  will vary according to implementation requirements.  
  Siemens Pyramid Information Systems
      Siemens Pyramid is a leading provider of scaleable enterprise
  servers, delivering the industry's most complete range of UNIX and
  NT solutions from the desktop to the data center.  Together,
  Siemens Pyramid and parent company Siemens Nixdorf
  Informationssysteme have a presence in 58 countries and more than
  130,000 UNIX system installations worldwide.  Siemens Pyramid and
  Siemens Nixdorf's combined mid-range systems operations represent
  over $1.9 billion in sales worldwide and make the combined company
  one of the largest providers of systems in the commercial UNIX
  server market.  
  Siemens Business Communication Systems
      From switching systems to networks to the internet, Siemens
  Business Communications provides integrated global communications
  solutions that turn diverse technologies into practical
  applications for such major sectors as healthcare, education,
  utilities, retail, public sector, and finance.  The company is part
  of Siemens Private Communications Systems, the world's largest
  supplier of private telecommunications systems, with annual sales
  of approximately $5.8 billion, more than 500,000 customers and a
  million systems installed. Telecommunications and networking
  accounted for more than 20 percent of Siemens' sales of $63.6
  billion in the fiscal year 1995-96.  -0-
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