ObjectSoft & InteractiVisions Sign Letter of Intent To Merge
  Transactional, Interactive Kiosk Firms

      HACKENSACK, N.J., May 5 /PRNewswire/ - ObjectSoft Corp.
  (Nasdaq: OSFT), developer of the SmartStreet Kiosk, electronic
  commerce and other interactive public access touch-screen-based
  technology, and InteractiVisions, Inc., a privately held company
  which designs and implements interactive electronic merchandising
  networks using touch screens at points of sale, announced today
  that they have signed a letter of intent to merge.
      Under terms of the transaction and in exchange for all of the
  outstanding capital stock of InteractiVisions, Hackensack-based
  ObjectSoft will transfer 600,000 shares of its common stock to
  InteractiVisions, Incorporated in Delaware.  Upon completion of the
  transaction, InteractiVisions will operate as a separate unit of
  ObjectSoft.  ObjectSoft stock closed May 2 at $5.31 which values
  the transaction at approximately $3.2 million. It also is expected
  that InteractiVisions' management will enter into customary
  employment agreements with ObjectSoft and ObjectSoft will grant
  options to certain InteractiVisions employees.
      The merger is expected to be concluded within 45 days, and is
  subject to various conditions, including completion of due
  diligence reviews, execution of definitive agreements, board
  approvals and InteractiVisions' shareholder approval.
      "The joining of these two highly innovative firms will allow us
  to expand the free information we provide and to offer a wide range
  of products, entertainment and other services through credit card
  purchase at our kiosks and other interactive sites," said
  ObjectSoft CEO David E.Y. Sarna.
      "We're building a larger, stronger family here.  There's just a
  huge amount of synergy between InteractiVisions and ObjectSoft,
  providing consumers a sophisticated and user-friendly system to get
  information and to make purchasing decisions with printed
  information and vibrant, colorful TV images," said
  InteractiVisions' CEO E.S. Eskridge, Jr.
      No staff layoffs or transfers between ObjectSoft and
  InteractiVisions, based in Carey, N.C., with a development facility
  in Easley, S.C., are expected as a result of the merger, Sarna and
  Eskridge said.  Eskridge will become a director of ObjectSoft and
  head of the InteractiVisions unit of the combined firm.
      ObjectSoft, which has a strategic alliance with Microsoft, is
  installing SmartStreet Kiosks throughout the City of New York under
  a contract with New York City and has placed kiosks in the
  Department of Health Building at 125 Worth St., the Bronx and
  Brooklyn Municipal Buildings, Queens Borough Hall and the St.
  George Terminal of the Staten Island Ferry.
      Under New York's CityAccess program, the SmartStreet Kiosks
  allow users to look up government information, such as access to
  building and property records, and on-line ordering of Health
  Academy courses, birth and death certificates, as well as tourist
  services.  In addition to the touch screen, an overhead video
  features a message from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and a narration by
  actor Tony Randall.
      InteractiVisions uses touch screen technology to provide an
  alternative sales resource with a true television interface under
  worldwide rights to technology developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories.
      The firm runs networks for AT&T at their exhibits in Walt
  Disney World's EPCOT Center and at Universal Studios in Hollywood
  and Orlando.  Other customers of InteractiVisions include the
  Haines and Bali divisions of Sara Lee and Walt Disney attractions.
      The InteractiVisions system allows consumers to see products on
  real television; make selections such as size and color and then
  make credit card purchases.  Specializing in fashion and retailing,
  InteractiVisions is highly regarded for its creativity in
  developing interactive programming and content. The firm also
  delivers a TV channel with previews from Broadway shows and other
  performances that are updated daily and transmitted to 25,000 New
  York City hotel rooms.
      Sarna envisions a system of SmartStreet Kiosks and SmartScreen
  touch screens on bus stop shelters and in other locations where
  people can get the latest travel and tourism information, see TV
  clips to review movies and live performances, take a mini-tour of
  museums and other attractions, even check out restaurant offerings.
      Then, the combined ObjectSoft/InteractiVisions technology would
  prepare a map to show the traveler how to walk or ride to the
  destination, allow the consumer to make a reservation and even to
  purchase a ticket or a souvenir from the gift shop.
      Eskridge emphasized that the combined technology will allow up-
  to-the-minute information on destinations, prices, ticket
  availability and transportation information.
      This press release contains certain forward-looking statements
  concerning ObjectSoft which are subject to a number of known and
  unknown risks that could cause actual results, performance and
  achievements to differ materially from those described or implied
  in the forward-looking statements.  Among such risks are those
  discussed in the Company's Registration Statement on Form SB-2 and
  its Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB and include, but are not
  limited to, limited operating history, recent establishment of new
  business divisions, dependence on new and untested product, risks
  related to technological factors and potential manufacturing
  SOURCE  ObjectSoft Corp.
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