Neighborhood Box Office To Supply Automated Ticket Kiosks For Empire
  State Building Attractions

      SALT LAKE CITY, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -  Salt Lake City, Utah-
  based Neighborhood Box Office (NBO) has finalized a "Purchase
  Agreement" with (Skyline Multimedia Entertainment Inc.) The Empire
  State Building Observatory & New York Skyride, of New York City, NY
  to supply unmanned, automated ticket kiosks to sell General
  Admission combo-tickets for both the Empire State Building
  Observatory and New York Skyride.
      Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. develops and operates
  state-of-the- art entertainment attractions at premier locations
  worldwide.  New York Skyline, Inc., owns and operates New York
  Skyride, the first simulator attraction in the metropolitan New
  York area.  New York Skyride is an adventure that is directly
  related to the New York City tourist experience, one that gives a
  bird's-eye view of the landmarks and sites that cannot be seen from
  any other vantage point.  This visual and motion simulation
  experience allows you to lift off from atop the Empire State
  Building, soar through The Manhattan Skyline, glide past the Statue
  of Liberty, play in traffic at Times Square, "crash" on Wall
  Street, and ride the stomach- crunching Coney Island Cyclone - all
  while buckled into a seat.  The attraction was incorporated into a
  famous landmark, rather than at an amusement park - the first time
  this approach has been taken in New York City,
      The Empire State Building, New York's number one tourist
  attraction, is a focal point for the tourism industry in New York
  City and has achieved worldwide recognition and publicity.
  Neighborhood Box Office's President/CEO, Keith A. Guevara states,
  "Neighborhood Box Office is excited to provide our technology and
  services to an institution as world renowned as the Empire State
  Building.  Providing enhanced customer service and convenience for
  people from all corners of the world will benefit everyone,
  especially the customer."
      Several million tickets are sold each year from three ticket
  counters in the Empire State Building lobby, granting admittance to
  either attraction. NBO automated ticketing kiosks will enhance
  existing customer service by installing two (more in the future)
  ATM-type kiosk ticket machines to sell General Admission combo-
  tickets, supplementing ticket counter transactions.
      Neighborhood Box Office kiosks will dispense tickets during
  regular business hours, 7-days a week with the same ease-of-use of
  a bank ATM machine. User-friendly, touch-screen technology will
  take visitors from screen-to- screen to assist in purchasing
  tickets.  Once an option is chosen, the kiosk will display color
  coded price sections.  After selections have been made payment can
  be made by accepting cash and credit/debit card transactions.
  Multiple purchasing options available will include three different
  price categories: adult, child/senior and military; and five
  different languages: Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and
  English.  The kiosk enclosure will reflect the world-famous
  building deco and will house proprietary NBO ticket software
  developed exclusively for this world-renowned building.
      Neighborhood Box Office, Inc. was organized for the purpose of
  developing, marketing, owning and operating remote automated ticket
  distribution systems, referred to as the "Ticket System."  The
  Ticket System has been developed with state-of-the-art technology
  that will revolutionize the ticketing industry as it is known
  today.  Remote, interactive, automated event ticket-dispensing
  Kiosks are the cornerstone to the NBO Ticket System.  With the
  acceptance of bank ATM machines, Kiosks will be accepted as a user-
  friendly, convenient way to purchase event tickets.  Each Kiosk is
  capable of selling tickets, merchandise and is a valuable source of
  event information.  Kiosks will be strategically placed in retail
  locations in various geographic areas, or sold directly to venues
  for the purpose of providing un-manned automated ticket sales
  outlets, in addition to supplementing box office windows.  The
  Ticket System will be complemented by an interactive telephone
  service, allowing consumers to buy tickets utilizing both
  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and live operators.  Neighborhood
  Box Office currently maintains an Internet Web Site, allowing customers to purchase hard-to-find
  merchandise as well as acquire information about Neighborhood Box
  Office and upcoming events on the Ticket System.  Tickets to events
  and performances will be available through the Web Site as the
  Ticket System expands into additional markets.
  SOURCE  Neighborhood Box Office Inc.
        -0-                             05/05/97
      /CONTACT:   Diane S. Powers of Neighborhood Box Office, 801-328-
  CO:  Neighborhood Box Office Inc.; Skyline Multimedia Entertainment
  ST:  Utah, New York
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